Sage joins the AED as a lever for the digital transformation of SMEs

Sage joins the AED as a lever for the digital transformation of SMEs

Sage and the AED have entered into a collaboration agreement whereby the leading British technology multinational, listed on the FTSE-100 of the London Stock Exchange, becomes a corporate partner of the AED, a program of which more than fifty companies are already part sectors.

Sage aims to support companies in their digital transformation journey by changing the way their professionals work to ensure the competitiveness and sustainability of companies through technology.

Help the little ones to grow up

Present in more than 20 countries and 12,000 professionals, Sage has for 40 years provided the know-how and technology necessary for the transformation of businesses and the growth of SMEs to improve the economy of countries and ensure the well-being of society. through digitization, new technologies and a presence in the cloud.

Sage’s entry into AED is part of the more active presence that the company has in the world of companies and public institutions to make the voice of SMEs heard at the table of major decisions in the Spanish economy. Just at a time when the role of digitizing the fabric of companies (which is 99% made up of SMEs) is essential to achieve the desired economic recovery.

Sage is firmly committed to innovation and the cultural transformation of SMEs through “ digitization ”, that is to say the recovery of the Spanish economy – after the Covid-19 pandemic – thanks to a intense digitization process and also with the help of new generation European funds and the government’s Digital Spain 2025 program.

A digital agreement signature

Luis Pardo, CEO of Sage for Spain and Portugal, and Xavier Gangonells, CEO of AED, signed this agreement (which will allow Sage to be incorporated as an expert partner in the key project of the Spanish economy in the years to come, the digitization of SMEs) virtually in the context of Covid-19 restrictions.

According to Pardo, “the integration of Sage at AED is a very important step to make the voice of SMEs heard in the major debates of the association (social and work changes, digital transformation and innovation, collaborative economy, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, etc. ”.

For his part, Gangonells expressed his satisfaction for the incorporation of Sage into the corporate program of the ACN and indicated that “his presence will be beneficial for the executives who make up the association, since their experience will allow a better understanding of the rest of the association. large companies how to collaborate with SMEs in their digital transformation challenge, an area that Sage knows well ”.

The incorporation of Sage into the AED will be done immediately, actively joining the life and internal activities of the association to jointly achieve the objective that the two organizations have set themselves with the entry of the technological multinational into the association. .

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