Saint-Gobain Weber, synonymous with commitment and safety at work

Saint-Gobain Weber, a leading company in the industrial mortars market, recently presented webercol Premium, a revolutionary range of creamy, flexible and easy to apply adhesives, specially designed for easy handling of the applicator. However, the company, in its constant desire for the well-being of all its users, wanted to go further with the launch of this range, also directing it towards an important figure in the construction process: the technician or the specifier. , who will be responsible for advising and supervising each phase of the work.

webercol Premium, thanks to its innovative Colagel Factor technology, which provides the product with the necessary components to make it more pleasant and easy to apply, and fully complies with the regulations established for adhesive mortars, is also a type of product equipped with a Extraordinary safety component which minimizes any kickback that may occur during commissioning. This is possible thanks to its developed technology and its ease of machining derived from its fineness, which ensures maximum contact with the ceramic part, thus guaranteeing perfect adhesion. An example is webercol SUPERGEL premium, a product of this range specially indicated for the placement of large format parts, a trend in many current projects.

The architect or surveyor, as a designer, is in most cases also the prescriber who defines the technical aspects and the person who sets the guidelines for how the necessary construction techniques, facilities and materials should be. be built according to established standards. This is why an important responsibility in decision-making lies with its figure.

For Saint-Gobain Weber, it is a priority that its specifiers have the highest quality materials available, which guarantee a job well done at all times. For this, it is necessary to have developed products with the best features and components. This is the case for webercol Premium in each of its three categories (webercol DUOGEL Premium, webercol MULTIGEL Premium and webercol SUPERGEL Premium), three different product versions depending on the destination or specific use for which they are intended, to always guarantee a quality work.

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