Salary or benefits, what do Spaniards value most when choosing a job?

Salary or benefits, what do Spaniards value most when choosing a job?

What factors make you choose one job or another? Which ones give you satisfaction in your work environment? Today, concepts such as restaurant vouchers, flexible hours or health insurance have crept into the demands of workers when choosing one job or another. Faced with this new trend, companies have had to adapt and start planning beyond fixed compensation and permanent contracts.

In our ‘Coffee Break’ TV show last week, we talked about compensation and benefits plans in companies (challenges, trends, evolution, demands …) and, like every Monday, we launched a new investigation. This time the question was: How important is benefit plans to you when accepting a job? Among the answers, you can choose between these four options:

Salary is the most important thing, I don’t care about benefits Although salary is a deciding factor, benefits can help me in the decision Likewise, I consider both salary and benefits Benefits have become a differential factor today

This time you have generated an absolute tie. On the one hand, 29% of those questioned admit that social benefits are just as important as wages in choosing a job. Likewise, 29% of you admit that, while salary is a deciding factor, you are already starting to assess social benefits when deciding. For their part, the remaining 26% of those questioned acknowledged that social benefits have become a differential factor today.

Some data that reflects the current trend within compensation plans is that while salary remains a decisive factor in choosing a job, benefits keep growing and are very close to economic pay in this race. to talents.

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