Salesforce could buy Slack to compete with Teams – Microsofters

According to the latest WSJ report, Salesforce is in talks to buy Slack. Slack is currently valued at $ 17 billion. Consequently, Salesforce could have to pay more than 20 billion euros for this acquisition.

Slack doubles in value after pandemic

The history of Slack is an interesting one. Despite the criticism received and in competition with the big companies in the market such as Zoom, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft, it has managed to maintain itself. So much so that after Microsoft’s offer of $ 8 billion, it has now managed to double its value.

Salesforce wants more, the company wants to compete with Microsoft and, having lost the opportunity to buy LinkedIn is now looking into buying Slack. An opportunity to offer excellent CRM with a teamwork platform.

In addition to its market-leading CRM service, Salesforce also sells other business applications and services focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. With this acquisition, Salesforce will enter the communication and collaboration market and compete directly with Microsoft Teams.

A much contested future is predicted in the world of communications and collaboration. Teams and Slack will face each other more than ever if the purchase is successful.

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