salt found on mars: organic salts found on Mars Indicate towards life: signs of life by obtaining salt on Mars

A team from the US space agency NASA discovered that organic salt (salt) could exist on Mars. These salts are among the first organic compounds on Mars that NASA’s Curiosity Rover had already discovered. Organic compounds and salt on Mars may contain traces of geological processes or bacteria.

Is life possible on Mars?
According to NASA, adding salt increases the possibility of having organic matter on Mars before. Moreover, hope for life is possible even today. We have seen that life on Earth depends on organic salts, oxalates and acetate. Finding an organic molecule to explore on Mars is important for NASA, but it’s a challenge. Radiation on the surface of Mars can also remove organic matter.

‘Mars will have to drill’
Organic chemist James Louis of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center says: “If we detect organic salt anywhere on Mars, we can further investigate areas and drill below the surface where organic material can be found safely. . ” There have been indications of organic salt based on data from Louis’ lab experiment and Portables lab in Curiosity (Sample Analysis at Mars, SAM).

What’s the challenge?
However, with tools like SAM it’s hard to find on Mars. In fact, it heats the soil and rock of Mars from which gases are emitted. On this basis, the composition of the sample is revealed. The problem is that the gases released by heating the organic salt can be released from anything in the soil of Mars.

We must therefore expect the equipment of chemistry and mineralogy engaged in curiosity but it has not yet discovered organic salt.

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Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

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