Salvador Illa asks Father Aragonès to stop being “the president of the monologue” and to call the festive table

Posted: Sunday July 04, 2021 10:28 PM

Salvador Illa, head of the PSC, asked the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, to stop being “the president of the monologue” and to convene the dialogue table in Catalonia, after recalling that the Spanish government “has moved” with the granting of pardons. This is what Illa told the media in Castelldefels, after visiting the beach facilities with the mayor of that city, Maria Miranda, and members of his government.

Salvador Illa insisted on demanding that Aragonés convene the dialogue table in Catalonia, and expressed that he did not understand why the President of the Generalitat had not yet done so, while reminding him that former President Quim Torra had summoned this body. “President Aragonès will become, he becomes, perhaps he has already become, the chairman of the monologue, and we would like him to be the chairman of the dialogue,” he said.

Regarding Aragonès’ claim that, during a possible consultation with the Catalans, they would ask questions about independence so as not to exclude some of the citizens, the PSC leader indicated that he would like to talk about these things during a dialogue at the table. “The Spanish government has moved here and there is an immobility in the Catalan government,” he added, alluding to the granting of pardons to the leaders of the trial who were able to get out of prison.

In addition, the PSC chief said he welcomed Aragonès’ decision to dissociate votes the ERC could give to general state budgets 2022 from the negotiating table to settle the Catalan conflict. “In politics, it always makes sense to hold debates in the context in which they are to take place; we have to think of budgets that allow the economy to revive, and that seems right to me (Aragonès position). I myself offered to work together to approve (in Catalonia) the budgets for this year, ”he said.

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