Salvador Illa assures that “it will not be necessary” to go to childcare at home

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, explained that the current state of alert, which will be extended up to six months, does not allow the application of the home containment measure that some autonomous communities such as Catalonia or Castilla y León are already examining whether the situation of the coronavirus pandemic is worsening. This means that if this measure were to be implemented, a new legal framework would have to be approved.

However, the minister was convinced that “it will not be necessary to get there” thanks to the “energetic” measures that the autonomous governments can already develop in the current state of alert, which are night confinements, closures scope of autonomies, limitation of meetings and mobilization of resources.

“The tool does not allow home containment, but we are sure that if you act with these tools, you will be able to bend the curve, stabilize it and keep it low,” Illa defended at the conference. press release he offered to Moncloa to detail the Estates General budgets for 2021.

In this sense, Illa has repeatedly defended that the legal framework offered by the state of alert which will be extended until May 9, as approved this Thursday in Congress, “will not become obsolete, nor already obsolete “.

“We have taken a very important collective step. It is an instrument which offers regional presidents the possibility of acting in four very relevant areas”, he underlined, in relation to the four above-mentioned measures. Thus, he insisted that the alarm state provides, as expected, a “stable framework” and enough to bend the curve. “I am sure these measures will bear fruit,” said Minister of Health

The government does not rule out home confinement

Meanwhile, the government hopes to overcome the COVID-19 contagion curve with the new restrictions approved on alert, such as the isolation of municipalities over the weekend, although it does not rule out requesting containment. at home if the data does not improve in the next two weeks.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, Marc Ramentol, indicated that house arrest should always be “the last alternative”, but did not rule it out. “If we find that in the coming days the measures are not sufficient, we will have to ask the Spanish government to consider this possibility,” he said.

In this sense, Marc Ramentol specified that home detention should not be the same as that of March and that “if the case were to arise”, it could be requested but with open schools.

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