Salvador Illa ensures that the vaccination against the coronavirus will begin in January 2021 and will not be mandatory

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, assured that the vaccination plan against the coronavirus will begin in January 2021 and will not be compulsory for the entire population. In fact, he said that “experts recommend that it should not be mandatory” because, as Illa said, “it could be counterproductive”.

In an interview with ‘Rac1’, the Minister of Health defended that there is already a high level of public awareness that will allow the vaccine to be well received by the population, which “will suffice”.

In addition, as Illa assured, the vaccination plan will begin in early 2021 and the intention is to “vaccinate the majority of the population” between May and July of the same year.

Faced with this situation, he argued that the health system “is prepared and in the conditions” to guarantee access to the vaccine, and stressed that there are currently 13,000 vaccination points in Spain and that, on previous occasions, more than 14 million people could be vaccinated against influenza in nine weeks.

Likewise, the Minister affirmed that a vaccination strategy is being promoted at European level which will make it possible to distribute them in all countries in an equitable manner and following the same schedules: “It is a remarkable coordination exercise” .

The minister also highlighted the effectiveness of the Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna vaccines: “These are the two that feature innovative technology that have produced results that have surprised the experts.”

He supports de-escalation in Catalonia, although he asks for “caution”

Regarding the de-escalation in Catalonia from Monday 23 November, Salvador Illa defended that the gradual lifting of restrictions was prudent, although he called for civic responsibility: “We must be very careful to avoid taking measures that no one would not want “.

In this sense, he called on citizens to keep “their guard” and to continue to comply with health measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 and to avoid an easing that involves a rebound in cases.

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