Salvador Illa’s warning before the December bridge: “The less mobility the better”

“This December we play it on this bridge, we play it this Christmas”. This is the warning that the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, launched this Friday on the eve of the Constitution Bridge, insisting on a message: “The less there is mobility, the better”.

“We are at the gates of a bridge and at the beginning of a month where mobility and social contacts have traditionally increased a lot,” recalled Illa, who referred to images of people leaving towns before the perimeter was closed. “Be careful with that,” he warned.

In this sense, Illa requested that the recommendations be followed “to the letter”, during a visit to San Sebastian, in which he stressed that the restrictions adopted “are neither capricious nor gratuitous, they are necessary and respond to a rigorous analysis “.

The Head of Health also referred to the measures agreed with the autonomous communities facing Christmas, reiterating the idea that “at Christmas, at home”. “This is not a year of traveling, of mass family celebrations, but of staying at home with the family, with cohabitants if that can be,” he said.

The “relatives” of the Christmas plan

In addition, Illa recalled that between December 23 and January 6 there can be no trips between communities, except in justified cases in the state of alarm and to visit relatives or people “very close”. .

A term, “parents”, the inclusion of which in the health plan for the holidays continues to raise doubts. Andalusia considers it “excessively ambiguous” and considers that the expression can be a “drain” for infringements, to such an extent that the President of the Council, Juanma Moreno, has proposed “to define and clarify it scrupulously or directly reject this term and leave it exclusively for parents.

For its part, Madrid opposes the confinement of the perimeter at Christmas and also considers that the “relatives” is a very broad concept that will prevent control, according to the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, during his conference of press this Friday. .

In this regard, Illa defended treating citizenship as “mature and responsible citizenship”. “People have the right to find their loved ones and today’s family relationships are not the traditional relationships that we only knew”, he said today, questioned on this question.

“A person who has a very close relationship with another person, even if it is not the brother, or the father or the son, has the right to see them and if he does so responsibly, there is no is no problem, ”he said.

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