same day family: Guinness World Records

In Larkana, Pakistan, all members of a family created a record by being born on the same date of the year. There are a total of nine members in this family. All of these people were born on August 1 of different years. Now Guinness World Records has also accepted this family’s request and described it as a unique record. The Guinness Book also issued a registration certificate to this family.

The wedding also took place on August 1.
The name of the head of this family has been sought Amir Azad. Mangi’s family consists of nine members, including his wife and children. Four of Mangi’s seven children are twins. Everyone was born on August 1 only. The good thing is that Mangi’s wedding also took place on August 1.

The first Indian surname was registered
Previously, this record was in the name of a family in India. This family consisted of five members born on the same date.

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