Samsung Exynos 2200 the first processor for Windows 10 ARM

The Windows 10 ARM version was exclusive to Qualcomm. Since then, the company has presented various solutions for always-on Windows 10 computers. We’ve seen several attempts, the latest being the second-gen 8CX. Now a new manufacturer could come in, Samsung, with its Exynos 2200.

Samsung finalizes its Exynos 2200 with AMD graphics

Finally, there is competition for Qualcomm in Windows 10 ARM. After a period of exclusivity where Apple and its ARM processors were not defeated, it is Samsung’s turn. The South Korean manufacturer is getting its first Exynos 2200 processor ready for Windows 10 ARM and it looks like it’s going to do it in style.

Samsung will trust AMD to create the graphics for its first processor for Windows 10. The South Korean manufacturer wants to compete with Apple on all possible fronts and could present a laptop with its processor, SSD and design approaching the idea of ​​those of Cupertino.

Like everything, we advise you to take these rumors with caution. It is not known if Samsung will be able to present its processor this year, let alone if it will be able to present hardware with this processor. The pandemic has altered many plans and it wouldn’t be surprising if we could see delays.

It’s great news to see Qualcomm start competing on Windows 10 ARM. It could encourage us to have more powerful and different processors. We will see which manufacturers can offer their processors for Windows 10 ARM. At the moment, it seems that Samsung would be the only candidate but, it would not be surprising if Mediatek, Huawei or AMD also aspire to offer ARM processors.

As soon as we become aware of the opening to new manufacturers, we will inform you of their proposals for Windows 10 ARM. Microsoft cannot afford to lose the market to Apple or Google or it will doom Windows.

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