Samsung generated nearly 15,000 jobs in Spain thanks to its activity in 2020

Last year, the activity of Samsung Electronics lberia, SAU generated 14,743 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs in Spain, which represents almost 0.1% of total national employment. This is clear from its 2020 annual report where Samsung shows the results of its business activity and how it has represented a tangible advantage for the economic and social development of Spain, contributing to collective progress through its contribution to GDP, in the fiscal area. . , in this case, employment, an indicator that shows results similar to the previous year despite the year of the pandemic which affected all sectors of the economy.

The socio-economic impact of the company in 2020 consists of the direct impact, generated by the direct activity in Spain, the indirect impact which corresponds to the expenses and investments made with suppliers, the motor impact generated in the retail trade sector for the sale of products and, finally, that induced that responds to the consumption of workers employed directly, indirectly and in a tractive way.

Impact on employment

Samsung in Spain maintains its commitment to stable and quality employment, as evidenced by the fact that 100% of its employment contracts in 2020 were of indefinite duration. In 2020, its human team amounted to 333 people, maintaining the figure of the previous year while the indirect jobs generated reached 2,872, highlighting the sectors of advertising and marketing (1,287 jobs) and repair. electronic equipment (433 jobs).

Likewise, in terms of the tractor impact on employment, in 2020 9,370 jobs were created, while those generated by the induced impact reached the figure of 2,168. According to the report, Samsung helped generate An additional 141.2 million euros of GDP thanks to wages and salaries generated directly, indirectly and by traction.

For every employee hired by Samsung in the past year, 44 jobs have been created in Spain, with the total employment impact generated by the company being the equivalent of over 24% of the jobs generated by the sector. of research and development in our country.

Technology with a purpose

Samsung’s commitment to our country is present in all the actions and initiatives it carries out in favor of society. A work that, in Spain, is part of the strategy of technology with a goal and that develops in areas as important as education and culture, accessibility and well-being or the entrepreneurship and employability, always seeking alliances with public administrations and cultural institutions to obtain benefits for the greatest number.

Specifically in the area of ​​entrepreneurship and employability, the company has promoted the employment and talents of young people through its Samsung Innovation Campus training program, which aims to improve the employability of young people, as well as to adapt their knowledge to the requirements of the most demanding profiles of professionals. Over the past six years, it has trained over 2,000 students with an employability rate of 45%. In 2020, a new free course on artificial intelligence for young people was launched online, delivered by the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Malaga with cutting-edge educational content, such as deep learning training and training. machine learning.

As part of Samsung’s commitment to employability, stands out the DesArrolladoras project, which aims to promote the talent of Spanish women in STEM professions through training, preparing them for the most in-demand professions. After the completion of its third edition, more than 2,500 women have been trained free of charge. This program was awarded in 2020 by the Digital Skills Spain Awards, in the category of digital skills for women and girls, within the framework of the III Forum of the Alliance for the development of digital talents, organized by AMETIC.

30 years of Samsung in Spain

Samsung recently presented “30 years in Spain: 1990 – 2020”, a book that reflects the trajectory and history of the company since its establishment as a company in Spain in 1990 under the name of Samsung Electronics Sociedad Annima ( SESA). The publication reviews his accomplishments through the commercialization of iconic products that have marked the consumer technology industry, as well as his contribution to the modernization and technological advancement of the country over the past three decades.

A story of success through innovation and commitment to people, two signs of identity that have marked and will continue to mark the path of the company in this country and in the world.

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