Samsung presents the new Galaxy Book with Windows 10

Yesterday we had a date with Samsung, although we knew he wanted to show. A renewed range of Galaxy Book devices for an incredible bet on Windows 10. The Korean giant yesterday presented three devices, the Galaxy Book, Book Pro and Pro 360 and a unique customization of Windows 10. Of course, nothing is known about the supposed Galaxy Book Go with ARM processors.

Samsung Introduces Largest Galaxy Book Family of Laptops Yet

With the new devices, the collaboration between Samsung and Microsoft continues to grow, creating a new approach in which smartphones and PCs work together across operating systems.

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Pro and Pro 360 laptops. All of them are characterized by their ultra-thin and light weight, allowing you to have a desk in any location. Studio mode on these laptops creates ideal video calling environments by helping us look our best regardless of lighting or background, similar to intelligent noise cancellation, which eliminates ambient noise from your microphone, you’ll always be heard with superior clarity. Combined with a compact USB-C charger,

Samsung’s renewed approach to the Galaxy Book combines the power of the Windows PC with the DNA of Galaxy smartphones, that was the mantra of yesterday’s presentation. But, in addition, Samsung wanted to offer certain details that differentiate its equipment, such as the dynamic background, better interaction with Samsung headphones and greater integration with the SmartThings platform.

Samsung Galaxy Book, the most affordable in the family

The Samsung Galaxy Book did not have the chance to show itself yesterday, the new equipment was more important. However, we do know that it will come with a price tag of around $ 800, 11th gen Intel processors, and a FullHD touchscreen.

It will keep a slender design like its brethren and share many of the novelties presented yesterday. Connectivity will be its strong point since it will have at least two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports as well as an HDMI port.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro and Book Pro 360

At Samsung, they also insisted long and hard yesterday on how they brought their smartphone experience to PCs. To try to do something different and take whatever worked. For this reason, these two new teams are releasing a Super AMOLED display.

In addition, they feature 11th generation Intel processors and up to 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD. Another important point is that they managed to expand the battery capacity so that the autonomy of this equipment was a record, reaching up to 21 hours.

The Korean giant will also offer an application to be able to migrate all the content from our old PC to the new Samsung. In the same way as in smartphones, so it is much easier to change laptops.

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