Samsung will present its first laptop with an Exynos processor this year

It is strange that Microsoft only works with Qualcomm as the sole supplier of ARM processors. We know there was an exclusive deal and that Samsung, HP, Lenovo and even Microsoft only used these processors. However, it seems that this year we could see more competitors in the field of ARM under Windows 10. Samsung would present its notebook with an Exynos processor.

Samsung finalizes its first Galaxy Book with the Exynos processor

According to the Korea Economic Daily (KED), the Korean firm would present its first laptop equipped with an Exynos processor for the second half of this year. A competition at Qualcomm and the approach of a real ecosystem by Samsung. That would justify the personalization shown the other day on their new Galaxy Book.

This would open the door for other processor manufacturers such as Huawei or Mediatek to offer laptops and tablets with Windows 10 ARM in the future. In this way, an infinite number of variants will be offered for ARM devices and we might even see a Dual Boot with Android.

“The new Exynos offers new features, including extraordinary computing power and energy efficiency thanks to its 5nm technology. It’s something that will help laptops and smartphones, ”a source told KED. Additionally, the new Exynos chip will work with a GPU designed by the folks at AMD.

Samsung was showing off its Exynos 2100 ahead of its Unpacked 2021 event. This processor is also made using 5nm technology. The folks at KED haven’t talked about the possible names of the new Exynos processor but it would be the replacement for the Exynos 2100. The biggest problem with these processors is the heat generated, that in laptops wouldn’t be that problematic because it’s easier to dissipate heat compared to smartphones. Thus, we would see how the Korean giant could present not only laptops but a possible rival to Microsoft’s Surface Pro X powered by its processors.

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