Samuel Little Dies: Most Dangerous Serial Killer Rotten in Prison, Killed 93 Women in 30 Years – America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer Samuel Little Dies After Confessing 90 Murders

America’s most dangerous serial killer Samuel Little (80) died of rot in prison. Samuel Little admitted he had mercilessly killed a total of 93 people in 30 years. Samuel had killed so many people that even after a long time, the police identified the victims using sketches. Officials said Little suffered from diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses.

Samuel has been jailed since 2014 after being convicted in several murder cases. After falling ill, he was taken to a hospital in California where he died. Little has been to jail several times over the years and is released. During each interrogation, he continued to deny the killings but later succumbed to injuries from the police. According to officials, after around 700 hours of questioning, Little gave information of several deaths, which until now had only been known to this dreaded killer.

Almost all the women who have been killed
Hatera Samuel was a brilliant artist and drew sketches of people he had hunted and also mentioned their names. He also said in what year and where he was killed. Where the corpse was thrown. Little admitted to killing 93 people between 1970 and 2005 until his death. Samuel committed most of the deaths in Florida and Southern California.

Authorities investigating the assaults said they had recovered 60 of the injured and were not suspicious of other Samuel deaths either. An investigator said what Samuel told him never turned out to be wrong. Other American assassins have proven elves in the face of Samuel’s assassinations. Almost all of those killed by Samuel were women. Most of them were prostitutes, drug addicts or poor households.

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