Sánchez and Casado’s first face-to-face after the end of the state of alarm and Ayuso’s landslide victory in 4M

Publication: Wednesday May 12, 2021 10:55 AM

The first session of government scrutiny was marked by Ayuso’s victory in the Madrid elections and the end of the state of alert, which drew criticism from many autonomous communities and much of the opposition .

In his speech to the Lower House Pablo Casado showed his chest for the triumph of his candidate in the 4M, which will lead him to renew his mandate at the head of the Community of Madrid, and spoke of the “sorpasso of Errejón to Sánchez “during these elections.

For the opposition leader, “there are no Andalusian primaries to cover” the fall of the PSOE during these elections. This was uttered in reference to Ferraz’s movement to choose who will be the new leader of the socialists in Andalusia after 4M.

After these statements, the President of the Government addressed Pablo Casado to tell him that “he puts on the face of Albert Rivera” because, according to him, “history is repeating itself”. He also accused him of not coinciding “with the emergencies of the Spaniards”, which are the stability and the vaccination plan “to obtain immunity”.

Casado talks about Más Madrid’s “sorpasso” to the PSOE and Sánchez tells him that “he has Albert Rivera’s face”

But, despite the fact that Casado approves Ayuso’s victory, for the Socialists, it is a personal victory that could end up ousting the current leader of the “popular”. This is how he was transferred after 4M and Carmen Calvo insisted on this in her speech to Congress.

The first vice-president of the government “celebrated”, ironically “, that” after many years the PP has achieved an electoral victory. “He did so to clarify later that more than the political party, this was a triumph for Ayuso.

For his part, Teodoro García Egea indicated that Pedro Sánchez’s executive “assumes so much attrition because he rules against the people”. Like the leader of his party, he declared that “the PSOE goes from sorpasso to sorpasso”, despite the fact that “normally the big party of the coalition eats the small one”.

The government believes that “without the leadership of the executive, Madrid would be chaos”

He also approached the Minister of Labor to question the tax increase he is proposing and ask her if she considers the Spaniards to approve his policy by referring to Ayuso’s victory. Certain statements to which Yolanda Díaz replied recalling “the unprecedented social shield” that the government has deployed in Madrid. “Without the central executive, its management would be chaos”, declared the third vice-president before noting that “after 28 months in the Community they still do not have a budget”.

The pandemic, another key point of Congress

Exactly, Madrid has also been mentioned by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, even if it has already done so at the very moment of a pandemic. After Agustín Almodóvar of the PP questioned Sánchez’s health policy, Arancha González Laya referred to the epidemiological data from the aforementioned region.

“Suddenly a president arrives who says that what matters is freedom, leaving canes, bullfighting and mobility, and those in charge are accused of being communists. I remind you that the figure of this community counts for the average of the country which the British use for their traffic lights ”, she underlined after being questioned on the exclusion of Spain from the British green list.

“If your party loves tourism, be sure to control the pandemic and encourage citizens to be responsible. If you don’t, we don’t need your crocodile tears,” said Laya, s ‘addressing the deputy of the PP.

Thus, Pedro Sánchez defended in one of his speeches that “the Spanish economy is about to be revived” and that we are “at 98 days of group immunity”, with the vaccination of 70% Population. “The economy is heating up and we can have a really positive second half in terms of economic recovery,” he said in this regard.

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