Sánchez announces during 8M that the law of “yes only is yes” will be approved soon

Publication: Monday, March 8, 2021 12:47

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced during the institutional acts celebrating the Women’s Day that the law of “yes only is yes”, the law on sexual freedom whose draft was approved last year at that time, will be definitively approved. “very soon”.

“I am convinced that very soon we will be able to definitively approve this law so that only if it is yes”, declared Sánchez at the Ministry of Equality and with its head, Irene Montero, after the report of the General Council of the Judiciary in which the definition of consent in the draft was unanimously rejected.

According to the judges, the draft organic law for the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom may lead to a reversal of the burden of proof and cannot avoid secondary victimization.

According to the report, the current Criminal Code “is already based on the idea of ​​consent, although it does not include a definition of the concept” and the difficulty does not exist in its conceptualization, but in the evidence: when it exists or not. “The possible procedural difficulties of proving the absence of consent cannot be transferred to the field of typicality”, indicates the report, which guarantees that the definition “determines an apparent shift in the burden of proof”, which should be proven by the defense.

Sánchez insisted that the law be passed and that the bill be referred to the Council of Ministers, thus filling a gap in the coalition.

Threat from the far right

The president also referred to the appearance of Vox on the political scene, which he described as a “terrible threat”. “We cannot ignore another terrible threat: the appearance of the extreme right, with its hate speech and its austere machismo,” he censored.

“It is not a force of resistance to feminism, it is a force of regression towards times of inferiority of women, of submission to the father, the husband, the boss. The extreme right feels the nostalgia of a time when it was inside the reach of men to make and break the lives of women at will, ”he stressed.

“Spain cannot afford to get out of this emergency at the expense of women”

Equality Minister Irene Montero stressed that Spain must continue to be an international benchmark for feminist public policies and appealed to be at the level of the Spanish feminist movement.

“Spain must continue to be an international reference for feminist public policies, we must be at the same level as the women of our country and of its feminist movement”, declared the Minister.

Montero acknowledged that this March 8 is “different”, although nothing can prevent knowing the strength of women when they come together “side by side to defend life”, so he asked to do “more feminism than never”.

The head of Equality asserted that Spain could not afford to emerge from the health, economic and social emergency “again at the expense of women”, and defended a “feminist agenda” that “puts life at the heart of center “, eradicate all sexist violence, guarantee conciliation and reverse the cuts in dependency.

“Spain cannot continue to build itself with women in a corner, on the fringes, it cannot allow a few to break glass ceilings while the majority, the humble, the poor, the migrants, continue to be tied to a sticky soil that condemns them to collect crystals, ”he said.

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