Sánchez announces in Aragonès a plan to help the hotel industry with “particular importance in Catalonia”

Publication: Friday November 20 2020 12:58

The president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, addressed a letter to the interim president of the government of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, in which he announces a plan to help the hotel industry with “particular importance in Catalonia”, according to the letter. to which laSexta had access to.

“I inform you that, as you ask in your letter, the government will approve a support plan for the HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants and cafeterias) which will be of particular importance in Catalonia, where the activity of these companies has been restricted. . very remarkable way, ”says Sánchez’s message.

Precisely this Friday, Sánchez announced that the executive would approve additional measures to those already adopted by the autonomous communities to protect this sector. His letter to Aragonès also arrives when the Catalan hotel industry has been closed for more than a month to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

This is not the only community that has opted in recent weeks for the total closure of the hotel industry to contain the transmission of the virus: this drastic measure has also been carried out in Asturias, Navarre, Castile and León, Euskadi, Murcia, Melilla and in the municipalities of Galicia and La Rioja, while other autonomies limit schedules and capacity.

The importance of the EMP for aid

He thanked the leader of the ERC for “his constructive tone” and the “concrete proposals” he addressed to him and referred to “the difficult situation experienced by Catalan families and workers” for the measures “taken by the Generalitat put in place “to contain the pandemic.

On the other hand, Sánchez breaks down the measures adopted by his executive to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on the economy and reminds Aragonès of the tax measures already adopted.

A letter which ends by underlining that the approval of the general budgets of the State “will be the decisive step to begin the road of recovery”. Stories that he defends as “good for Spain and also for Catalonia”.

Here you can read the Prime Minister’s full letter to the acting government president, which Sánchez refers to in his letter as “vice president”:

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