Sánchez announces new law to “consolidate” vocational training

Posted: Sunday November 22 2020 19:13

Pedro Sánchez announces the imminent arrival of a new law on vocational training. Speaking about the controversial “Celaá law” approved this week, the Prime Minister announced this “modernization” of an “outstanding issue” in Spain.

“We are going to approve a new law on vocational training that will unify vocational training systems to, once and for all, take the step and consolidate dual vocational training in Spain”, announced Sánchez.

For Sánchez, this area is “absolutely underdeveloped”, betting on giving it the “quality”, “excellence” and “reputation” they need.

“Most of the job offers that there will be in a few years will be jobs of intermediate qualifications, where Spain is worse,” adds the Prime Minister.

This measure, says Sánchez, “relates to the feelings” and “uncertainty” of parents with the educational development of their children.

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