Sánchez announces that Spain will have 13,000 vaccination points with “one strategy” throughout the country

Updated: Sunday, November 22, 2020 7:19 PM

Published: 11/22/2020 6:42 PM

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that Spain will have up to 13,000 vaccination points against the coronavirus throughout the territory. This was expressed at a press conference after the G20 summit, where he reported on the resolutions adopted at that event with other world leaders.

The executive leader also stressed that the government “will ensure that all priority groups have access to the vaccine” and that “there will be a single vaccination strategy throughout the territory”; a strategy which, as he has constantly explained, “was designed with a group of experts from the autonomous communities and bioethics”. Sánchez also said that “there will be an information and registration system for the monitoring and evaluation of immunization”. The objective, as he stressed, is that in the first half of 2021 “a very large part of the population is vaccinated”.

This series of measures, which the president presented at the same time as the expansion of the supply of places for health professionals (more than 10,000), is part of the COVID-19 vaccination plan that the government will announce next Tuesday, after the close of the Council of Ministers. However, while the vaccine arrives, we will have to continue to adhere to the hygiene and safety measures stipulated by the health authorities.

This was stated by Sánchez, who made it clear that while they “are working on specific planning for a safe Christmas”, this holiday “is going to be different”. In this regard, he specifies: “This year, we will have to stay away from our loved ones instead of hugging them.” He warned that “we have a time horizon of six months, and it is not by chance”, as it is “the one that experts deem appropriate”, and added that Spain is “on the right track. “to overcome the pandemic:” The goal is to reach 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants “.

Tomorrow, we will be in a cumulative incidence of less than 400 cases “

During his speech, Sánchez also stressed that “no one will be completely safe until the world is safe”. He recalled that the total number of infections in our country amounts to 1,556,730 people and that “unfortunately” 1,341 compatriots lost their lives this week “, although he insisted on the need to continue to fight against the virus with sacrifice and effort: “The state of alarm worked in the first wave and works in this second wave. Tomorrow we will be, after much effort, in a cumulative incidence of less than 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. “

“It’s a very complex year, unprecedented in our lives. I want to thank the medical professionals, the scientists for vaccines. Thanks to our open schools, with virtually no epidemics. And to the culture,” said the President of the Government, who was also asked about the status of the coalition government the PSOE shares with United We Can and the controversy over the approval of the new education law, LOMLOE, known as name of “ Celaá law ”.

“The union of the left is good news”

Pedro Sánchez dismissed the differences and tensions that could be generated within the government between the PSOE and United We Can, especially as a result of Bildu’s support for general state budgets. “Not all ministers are from one political party or another, they have my full confidence and empathy.” And he went further: “In my opinion, the union of the left is good news for our country and in this period of economic and social emergency. We are responding to this pandemic in a coalition government in a reasonable manner and with great empathy. Social”.

Precisely, on the role that the Abertzale formation now plays in getting the government to approve its accounts, Sánchez was frank: “It’s a shame that some are not, these 198 seats in which there are parties of the left and of Right who said yes to the treatment of budgets, they represent democratic Spain. The message is resounding and clear, and the Spanish society is very positive. The acronyms that count are PGE: General State Budgets “.

Regarding LOMLOE and the controversy it sparked on certain points of the law, the executive leader underlined that “linguistic plurality is a great asset”. For this reason, it guarantees, as he called it, “learning in Spanish and in the four co-official languages, as the Constitution says”. And he made another announcement: “Once the new education law is approved, we will approve a vocational training law.”

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