Sánchez asks society for “understanding and magnanimity” in the face of the possible pardon of the prisoners on trial

Posted: Wednesday June 09 2021 19:47

Pedro Sánchez asks society for “understanding and magnanimity” in the face of the possibility of the government granting pardon to the prisoners of the trial, declaring that “the goal is worth it”. This is what the Prime Minister said on Wednesday during a visit to Buenos Aires, where he said he understood “that there may be citizens who object to this decision”.

To questions from the press on Oriol Junqueras’ column published in LaSexta, in which the ERC leader renounces the unilateral path, Sánchez declared that “any progress in favor of detente is welcome”.

“I understand that there may be compatriots, citizens in Catalonia and throughout the country who express reservations about the possibility of granting pardon to Catalan prisoners”, however recognized the socialist leader, who has asked these citizens trust, because we must commit to coexistence ”.

“Spanish society must move from a bad past to a better future and that also implies magnanimity,” added Sánchez, who pledged that the government will build its decisions with this goal in mind, because – he defended – ” thanks to this coexistence we will allow Catalan society to rediscover itself “and with the whole of Spanish society”.

“I ask for understanding, for magnanimity from the whole of Catalan society and from the whole of Spanish society, because I think that the challenge that we have before us is worth it”, reiterated Sánchez, specifying that “it is nothing other than sowing coexistence, overcoming the crisis we experienced in the past 2017”. “Despite the objections that the whole of Spanish society may have, I ask for understanding and magnanimity because the goal is worth it,” he insisted.

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