Sánchez assures executives of Netflix, HBO and Disney that he aspires to make Spain “the Hollywood of Europe”

Posted: Friday July 23 2021 8:26 AM

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, on an American tour in search of financing for Spanish companies, presented this Thursday in Los Angeles his project to make Spain “the Hollywood of Europe”, during a meeting in the Mecca of cinema with the giants of the American audiovisual industry, such as Netflix, HBO, Disney, Warner and Activision.

This meeting, which took place at NBC Universal Studios in Los Angeles, allowed Sánchez to personally convey to production companies the measures that the government is implementing to attract their productions, such as tax incentives or facilities in the processing of authorizations. .

“Spain has all the necessary administrative and fiscal incentives, as well as all the possible scenarios and places to receive new projects and create new fictions. We aspire to become, and this is what has been said in some media, if you allow me to compare it, in Hollywood. of Europe, ”launched, precisely in Hollywood, and in front of the principal executives of the American audio-visual industry.

According to Sánchez, Spain is starting from a “very strong position” to become a leading audiovisual hub “in Europe and in the world”, since it is currently the second European country, behind Germany, in total number hours of fiction produced.

The president also underlined the arrival in Spain from the United Kingdom of the main production unit of ViacomCBS following Brexit, and the extension that Netflix will make of its studios located in the Madrid municipality of Tres Cantos during three years.

During the event “Spain, your favorite place”, Sánchez presented the details of the “Spain Audiovisual Hub” plan which consists, for example, in launching a portal in December to collect all the information including producers and studios need to decide if they want to film in Spain or establish their headquarters in this country.

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