Sánchez believes that the Community of Madrid does not record all contagion data

Publication: Friday, April 9, 2021 10:49

The president of the executive does not believe in the number of contagions in the Community of Madrid; according to him, not all cases are recorded and he is concerned about hospitalizations.

In a conference to inform journalists of the plane that takes him to Senegal, Pedro Sánchez sent a message of peace after the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine for children under 60 and remains firm that the government will respect the objectives set in the vaccination plan: that at the end of August 70% of the population has been vaccinated, 33 million people.

He insists that 78 million vaccines from other laboratories will arrive in Spain by the end of September and adds that communities lack the capacity to compete in the international market.

Sánchez assures that they do not work with the scenario of prolonging the state of alarm again but that in the event of a pandemic, nothing can be excluded. This state of alarm ends on May 9 in principle.

As for the 4M elections, he believes that the right is “in a race to see who is the most radical and that the central space will be decisive” and defends the strategy of the PSOE candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, because in his opinion he has moderate the left and sees a possible technical equality.

He assures that he does not plan to advance the general elections. That after having passed the pandemic, it does not enter into their plans. He intends to approve more budgets and says he is excited about the possibility of transforming the country and the economy

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