Sánchez calls for “harmony and dialogue” in the face of “revenge and revenge” to decide on pardons for the leaders of the trial

Publication: Tuesday, May 25, 2021 5:47 PM

President Pedro Sánchez indicated that the government is waiting “for the Supreme Court to issue its binding report” on the situation of prisoners of independence so that the executive, through the Ministry of Justice, can deal with its position. However, he stressed that the decision he takes “will have the constitutional values ​​and principles of dialogue, harmony and overcoming a crisis that has torn Catalan society apart”.

This is how the socialist leader spoke at a press conference after the Brussels European Council, where he also specified that “revenge and revenge are not constitutional principles”. “We cannot be taken in by revenge,” insisted Sánchez, who while acknowledging that in 2017 he supported the government because he understood “that it was a matter of state”, believes that he must now “look to the future”.

“The most important thing for me is that although there are parties, people who defend other theses, I believe that constitutional values ​​do not include revenge or revenge, but concord, understanding , dialogue, respect for laws, the Constitution and legality., where the Spanish government has always moved, “said the president of the government, who also announced that when the meeting with Father Aragonès, new president of the Generalitat, will take place, “it will be taken to the dialogue table”.

However, he clarified: “Just as there must be a dialogue between the government and the Generalitat, this dialogue must also be practiced in their own headquarters, between the Catalan political forces, because there is a majority of Catalans who do not do not share the product of independence ”. To questions from reporters, Sánchez once again avoided answering whether the government will grant pardon to prisoners on trial until justice is delivered.

“What we must do is look to the future, politicians must overcome the fractures and build confidence. We will wait for the decision of the Supreme Court”, reiterated Sánchez, recalling that there are “11 cases different “, with their realities and circumstances:” We will analyze each of them “. A position that was supported by the Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, noting that the government plans to study each of the requests one by one when the Supreme Court reports on it.

Given the criticisms leveled by the People’s Party about the possibility of granting such pardons, Campo was adamant in demanding compliance with the legal protocols established for these cases. Thus, he accused the popular formation of not respecting the laws, specifying “that the law of pardon has a clear procedure”. In this sense, he assured that the executive “shows its face after having complied with the procedures, and that criticism” will not replace respect and respect for the laws “.

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