Sánchez criticizes the “propagation” of “hate messages” of the gossip of former Francoist soldiers in Congress: “They are not marginal”

Publication: Sunday December 6 2020 09:55

“Franco left the Valley of the Fallen, but he is still in the minds of a few”, says Pedro Sánchez in an interview in ‘El Periódico’ about the cat of former Francoist soldiers in which a possible military uprising is raised .

For the President of the Government, what is “really worrying” is that these messages reached the Congress of Deputies, the “hate messages” he says “are not marginal.

Sánchez calls for parliamentary unity when it comes to defending their budgets, regretting that there are parties such as “Puigdemont, Casado and Abascal” which have “ignored citizenship”.

He defends that “as long as the PSOE is at the head of the government”, the Constitution “will govern from the first to the last of the articles”, responding to the critics of the opposition who accuse it precisely of skipping the contents of the Magna Carta.

“We are a party that aspires to build bridges, not to build walls. To try to have a non-savage and Trumpist right like the one we have, but a pro-European right that also understands and accepts the reality and the territorial diversity of our country, ”says Sánchez.

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