Sánchez defends Ernest Lluch’s “example” and “courage” on the 20th anniversary of his assassination at the hands of ETA

Posted: Saturday November 21 2020 11:37

Government President Pedro Sánchez paid tribute to former Minister of Health Ernest Lluch, whom he praised for his example and courage on the 20th anniversary of his assassination at the hands of ETA . Sánchez recalled the socialist politician and especially highlighted his work in favor of public health in a message on his Twitter account.

“Twenty years ago, terrorism murdered Ernest Lluch. Today we honor your memory. Thank you for your great political work, your example and your courage. Thank you for doing public health for all. With him, today, the pandemic is fought and thousands of people are saved. lives. Gràcies, Ernest “, wrote the general manager to conclude with these thanks in Catalan.

Lluch, born in Vilassar de Mar (Barcelona), was Minister of Health with Felipe González as Prime Minister and, aware of the Basque problem, was a defender of the path of negotiation between the parties to the dialogue.

On November 21, 2000, he was assassinated by ETA in the parking lot of his home in the capital of Catalonia after being surprised by terrorists on his return from his classes at the University of Barcelona.

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