Sánchez defends “full democracy” before Iglesias in debate on “democratic normality” in Congress

Publication: Wednesday, February 17, 2021 11:08

Democratic normality centered the debate between the government and the opposition during the monitoring session. Pablo Iglesias insists on defending that in our country there is a lack of democratic values, placing Pedro Sánchez in the trigger of the right.

And it is that the president of the purple formation addressed himself to Teodoro García Egea to blame his party for what happened “with democracy”. “I wish there was democratic normality, but if there isn’t, it’s because of everything his party has done,” he told him after the “popular “accused him of” attacking judges “and of having” ministers appointed by justice. “

This only came moments after Inés Arrimadas questioned the president of the government on the attitude of his vice-president. “Do you think there is democratic normalcy?” He asked, to which Pedro Sánchez responded by focusing on his distance from the leader of the Violet formation, his partner in government.

“We are a full democracy thanks to the struggle of several generations. I would not like to be among the 23 full democracies, but to be the first. I would like to improve freedom of expression and the extension of freedoms, that’s what the Government ”, indicated during his arrest to the Head of Citizens, who urged him to“ convince his vice-president to stop talking nonsense ”.

Sánchez asks Arrimadas to move away from “the far right” and their “reactionary populism” by breaking pacts

An intervention which Sánchez took advantage of to ask the president of the Orange party to move away from “the extreme right” and its “reactionary populism”. In this sense, he asked him to break his regional and local pacts because Vox “divides and polarizes society, persecutes immigrants and insults women”. “We all need to learn from the 14F,” he added, of Citizens’ Bump, which has gone from 36 to 6 seats.

More severe was the demand of Pablo Casado, who asked Pedro Sánchez to fire Pablo Iglesias. A request that the president reproached him for. “With the one who falls, whether you talk about dismissal or resignations … I am focusing on the country”, he defended himself. Likewise, he urged him to take on “a useful opposition role” and put aside “the complex in front of Vox’s far right”.

Precisely, the Vox deputies are also engaged with the vice-president of the government. More precisely, it was Macarena Olona who questioned “his presence” in the executive, accusing him of being “an arsonist”. So Iglesias reminded him of his tribute to Enrique Rodríguez Galindo, sentenced to 75 years in prison for terrorism, and he went to Casado to say: “I warned him that the beast would end up eating him”.

Pablo Hasél also plays in the Congress debate

Already on Tuesday, many leftist politicians demonstrated against the arrest and imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél, sentenced to 9 months in prison for crimes of insulting the Crown and state institutions.

A debate which also reached the government control session. EH Bildu MP Jon Iñarritu asked Carmen Calvo if she would forgive the Catalan singer, to which she did not respond clearly. The vice-president limited herself to recalling that in addition to freedom of expression, “there are limits to honor”. What he stressed is that “as soon as possible” they will do a job to “catch up with other democracies” in this regard.

In the same vein, Miriam Nogueras, MP for Junts per Catalunya, declared that in addition to the freedom for the rapper, she insisted on “the freedom of political prisoners”, referring to the separatists who are in jail.

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