Sánchez defines the month of June as “the beginning of the mass vaccination of the under 50s”

Publication: Monday, May 17, 2021 09:59

The head of the Spanish executive, Pedro Sánchez, has advanced in the inauguration of the IV CEAPI Ibero-American Congress, which as part of the vaccination campaign, next June, will mark the beginning of the “mass vaccination” of people under the age of 50.

Most communities are already vaccinating those under 60. And the vaccination predictions that each community makes for the next age group, 40 to 49, are as follows:

Andalusia: from June.

Asturias: end of June.

Balearic Islands: from June.

Castilla La-Mancha: early June.

Castile and León: mid-June.

Valencian Community: June 17.

Catalonia: from July.

Extremadura: from June.

Madrid: from June.

Navarre: second half of June.

“There are 93 days left to achieve group immunity. Our planning is based on three reasons: the reduction in infections (…) in just one week, from Friday to Friday, the cumulative incidence at 14 days has dropped by more than 35 points, which is a weekly drop of 18.4%, the second, the extraordinary immunization figures, almost 612,000 in a single day last week, we are close to a weekly rate of 3 million vaccines administered (…) Today, we will exceed 7 million people with a complete diet and 15 million people with at least one dose, or 31% of the population, ”explains Sánchez.

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