“Sánchez delivers to Spain to sleep another two years in La Moncloa”

Posted: Sunday June 13 2021 1:40 PM

The leader of Unión 78, Rosa Díez, accused Pedro Sánchez of having sold the country to “sleep another two years in La Moncloa” during the reading of the main manifesto of the convocation this Sunday in the Plaza de Colón against the thanks to independence the prisoners.

“We are not going to allow our freedoms, our nation, to be handed over to criminals so that Sánchez can sleep two more years in La Moncloa,” he said.

Díez, who assured that the “great majority of the good Spaniards” had come to the call of his organization, explained that the meeting was held to show “loud and clear our radical rejection of the granting of pardons to the convicts of sedition and embezzlement in Catalonia ”.

The founder of the UPyD and former candidate for the head of the PSOE indicated that the aim of pardons and separatists is to “break Spain and de facto abrogate the Constitution of 78, the framework which guarantees the equality of all Spaniards before the law ”.

“We are not going to remain silent in the face of the self-mockery of a president who, associated with serious criminals, betrays his institutional obligations,” he stressed.

In this sense, Díez insisted on the fact that the president of the government “put justice on sale”, to which “the good Spaniards will not agree”. “A government that insults more than half of the country by calling it the extreme right is not a government for everyone, it is an exclusive, sectarian and dangerous power,” said the organizer, who said subsequently pointed out that the executive is “inept, parasitic and sectarian.” .

Diez stressed that this was the first call for many and sent a message to Sánchez: “We Spaniards will not allow ourselves to steal public money, nor the common nation, nor citizenship rights.

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