Sánchez encourages “the search for a new ‘we'” in Catalonia after Junqueras’ rejection of the unilateral path


Posted: Monday June 07, 2021 1:51 PM

Pedro Sánchez called for leaving the “sterile dialectic” that has prevailed in Spanish politics in recent years to “seek together a new” us “” that will unite Catalonia and the rest of Spain again. This is how the President of the Government spoke at a commemorative event held on Monday at the headquarters of Foment del Treball in Barcelona, ​​where he met the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès. There, Sánchez added: “Let’s change the threats to the proposals, wherever they come from, and not seek justifications or revenge, but solutions with pragmatism, honesty and huge doses of common sense. ”

For the Chief Executive, this ‘we’ will be the “greatest success as a company in Catalonia and Spain”. To achieve this, it had an impact, you have to be “generous, responsible and make an effort to each other”. Because the way to go is not easy. This is how Sánchez saw it, who believes that the pandemic marked a turning point even in this territorial question: “The changes that we are going to experience are going to require something more from us. A renewal of social agreements, of the way of understanding and of practicing politics, of how to establish our coexistence and leave room for common projects ”.

Projects which, according to Sánchez, “will not hide the differences, but they will not be frustrated by them either”. Because, as it has affected it, we are “in an inevitable moment to find a solution to the problems that are slowing down and which jeopardize not only the proper functioning of our economy, but also our success as a society in Spain and Catalonia “. Thus, he believes that it is necessary to achieve “above all that differences never turn into paralysis, delays and confrontations”.

That is, agreements can be made “for the good of our societies and of all” because the country has lived for too long in sterile dilemmas, narrow positions and dead ends. “The President of the Government understands, therefore, that the situation can not continue in this way, and warned against the importance of” taking measures that allow us to move forward with decision, serenity and a great sense of justice, seeking at all times the benefit of tranquility, peace and the coexistence of the whole of citizenship above the smallness of partisan interests or electoral calculations ”.

This scenario of crisis, conflict and confrontation brought only pain, poverty and stagnation

“There will be no greater benefits for the citizens of Spain and Catalonia than to leave behind a scenario of crisis, conflict and confrontation which, so many years later, has only brought about a sad balance between pain, poverty and stagnation “, declared the chief executive, who took the opportunity to ask citizens” for courage and a sense of exemplarity “:” To each woman and each man in our society, what whatever their profession and their condition, wherever they live. Because it will not be the maximalist positions that will allow us to regain the coexistence and the lost strength that we so much need in this decisive context “.

On the contrary, according to Sánchez, who stressed that Spain plays a future that “will come from the hand of the meeting”; a reunion which, as he specified, “will only be achieved with arguments, with reasons that speak of the path we have” that Spain and Catalonia must travel together: “We cannot fail. The pandemic leaves us with a changing world; a world with imminent and revolutionary changes in many areas. It is up to us to assume them and lead them, instead of missing the train of this new modernity. So let’s bet on harmony and reunion as a weapon of progress, and let’s get to work ”.

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