Sánchez guides the approval of budgets with the majority of nomination groups

Posted: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 7:07 PM

In the absence of ratification of the support of Esquerra Republicana and with the confirmed “yes” of the PNV, Bildu and the executive parties of the coalition, the government could approve the general budgets of the state without the support of the opposition . With the votes of these parties, Sánchez would manage to complete the accounts with a comfortable majority of 179 deputies in favor, breaking the barrier of 176.

The latest formation to announce its possible support was Esquerra Republicana, whose leader, Gabriel Rufián, stressed that in the absence of ratification by the party organs, they reached a preliminary agreement to support the accounts of the Ministry of Finances.

Support that is in addition to that of the PNV, which confirmed its approval of the budgets on Tuesday after the government accepted a second package of amendments presented by the nationalist formation.

The leader of the PNV, Aitor Esteban, assured that the training had chosen to “reactivate the economy and revive the industry”, given the economic situation facing the country due to the pandemic.

EH Bildu also leaned yesterday to vote in favor of general state budgets (PGE), while stressing that the last word will be activism, which will consult its support for the accounts this week.

This was indicated by the head of the formation abertzale, Arnaldo Otegi, who convened an “extraordinary national assembly” telematic Thursday at 18:00 in order to give “voice and word” to its activists, who will have to take the decision of the direction of the vote .

“EH Bildu has a word. When he gives it, he accomplishes it. For us, it’s a brand of which we are absolutely proud and proud,” said Otegi, who denied any form of matching to his budget support , like reconciliation. ETA prisoners.

In this context, and assuming the “ yes ” of the PSOE and United We Can, the government would carry out the public accounts, without renewal since 2018.

Position of citizens

Ciudadanos has yet to make a final decision on whether to support or deny the accounts, although he stressed that Esquerra’s support and that of the Orange team are “incompatible”.

Ciudadanos spokesman in Congress, Edmundo Bal, assured that they will continue to negotiate “until the end” and will work so that the preliminary agreement that the government signed with ERC is not consummated.

Bal appreciated the transactional amendment signed with the socialist group to implement the single health card throughout the country, an old claim of the Orange formation, he recalled, and to which the Catalan Republicans have always opposed .

The spokesperson for the Cs made it clear that the orange formation was not giving up despite the pre-agreement with the separatists, because it has not yet been done – he stressed – nor because of the support committed by ‘EH Bildu.

They will therefore wait until the moment when Pedro Sánchez chooses to decide his vote, even if, he stressed, “they will do everything possible to disrupt” the plans of ERC.

Opposition criticisms

EH Bildu’s support for general state budgets provoked criticism from many opposition MPs and even discomfort from some political leaders of the PSOE.

José Luis Ábalos himself defended in the face of controversy that “the government cannot renounce the votes of anyone”, because “the general interest is at stake”. He did so after Pablo Casado accused the government of crossing a “line of moral unworthiness” by “making a pact” with Bildu.

“Relatives of twenty-four other victims of the PP learn that the party for which their relatives died, according to the number two of the PSOE, is less responsible than the party which does not condemn the murder of their relatives”, denounced the leader opposition during the board of directors of the new generations last week.

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