“Sánchez is the candidate for Madrid”

Publication: Sunday, April 18, 2021 3:08 PM

The 4M campaign is already – officially – underway in the Community of Madrid. This Sunday, the main candidates organized demonstrations to launch the electoral race, after a pre-campaign marked by intense clashes between the current president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, and the PSOE, which the popular candidate insists on raising in impetus with the central government.

Precisely, President Pedro Sánchez accompanied Ángel Gabilondo on this first day of the campaign, in an act in Ferraz where the socialist leader attacked the PP, which he accused of “intriguing in Europe so that Spain does not receive just one euro. “Coronavirus recovery funds.” What they’re doing is saying they like Spain a lot, but they only like it if they’re in government. If they do not govern, we already know their maxim: better than dark Spain, they will come to save it and at least come back to govern and resume their plunder ”, affirmed.

For his part, Gabilondo claimed to be a candidate, after, last night, Ayuso claimed that he was “scrambled” by Sánchez and indicted him on LaSexta Noche, even claiming that “he does not discover much “and that the candidacy” fell “. This Sunday, the socialist politician sent a message to the head of the PP: “I want to be very clear, Ms. Ayuso: Pedro Sánchez is Pedro Sánchez and I, Ángel Gabilondo, I am Ángel Gabilondo and in these elections, what are we going to do ? I present ”, condemned.

“You blame all your mistakes, Mrs Ayuso”, continued the socialist politician, who accused his rival of having “only one word in his mouth: Sánchez, Sánchez, Sánchez” and of not hosting “more than project that the confrontation with him. and with the Spanish Government “. “Madrid don’t owe you three, you owe us one, because you certainly can’t live without mentioning Sánchez,” he said.

Ayuso insists: “Sánchez is the candidate”

Ayuso, for his part, responded this afternoon by presenting his campaign buses to Las Rozas. “Mr. Gabilondo said this morning that I only had Sánchez in my mouth. It is Sánchez who from Africa speaks of the Community of Madrid, it is Sánchez who lies with the figures of the pandemic”, a he said, alluding to the fact that the President questioned the epidemiological data of the region during an interview with journalists during a visit to Senegal.

“It has been a constant obsession that has also fostered an insane Madrileño phobia,” he added, insisting on naming the prime minister as the real candidate: “How are we not going to keep talking about Sánchez in these elections , Mr. Gabilondo, if he is a candidate for Madrid? “, Affirmed. “He’s the one who decides what lies you have to tell from now on, changing the speech so that the next thing is for him to come to a rally and act as a first party here,” he said. -he adds.

Ayuso was accompanied by number two on her list and the regional Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, who defended the “permanent responses” of the Madrid executive to the pandemic “despite a central government that has stumbled over and over again “. Moreover, he criticized the fact that the executive “is hardly ashamed to put vaccination into the countryside” and demanded more vaccines.

For her part, the candidate, who claimed that “socialism is an unstoppable machine to cause poverty”, began her speech with an allusion to her campaign video, in which she appears running through Madrid, and a message for Mónica García. “Those of Más Madrid tell me that I have never worn a tracksuit,” he stressed, defying García: “What I’m going to say to the candidate from More Madrid is maybe she don’t like how I look, i don’t. ‘she doesn’t like the way she thinks, but if she wants we can go one day for the two 10k and i show her it’s true. “

A challenge that García took up during a rally in Vallecas this Sunday, in which he reminded Ayuso that he “had been running since the age of 10” and added that he had seen “real patients, not mannequins, ”alluding to an image of the president during a visit to a Madrid hospital next to a mannequin on a bed. “Any challenge you throw at me is an honor for me,” he added.

In addition, the candidate of More Madrid assured that Ayuso intended to take over the leadership of the PP and attacked his statements the day before on the queues of hunger, in which the popular leader spoke of ” maintained subsidized “. “We can put ourselves in the shoes of each of the people in the line,” said García, who added that “empathy” is “the opposite of sociopathy”. She was accompanied by Íñigo Errejón, who reiterated that his party did not want these “irresponsible” elections and also criticized Ayuso for his words about the hunger queues: “You have to have little heart”.

For its part, Unidas Podemos organized an event in Lavapiés, where the candidate, Pablo Iglesias, once again valued the public, accompanied by the current third vice-president of the government, Yolanda Díaz, and Serigne Mbayé, who responded à la Vox threatens to expel him after learning of his inclusion in the Iglesias list, despite the fact that he has Spanish nationality. “Madrid will be the grave of racism”, condemned Union spokesman Manteros.

Meanwhile, the candidate of the far-right formation held an act in Móstoles with little safety distance, in which Rocío Monasterio was critical not only of the left, but also of the right: “To defend freedom , there is not only to set up a poster of freedom, it is necessary to dismantle all the policies of the left one by one ”, he defended.

In turn, Ciudadanos organized an event in El Molar, where party leader Inés Arrimadas spoke of the “personal whims” of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, whom she accused of wanting to “change Cs for Vox”. His candidate, Edmundo Bal, also spoke in the same vein and struck out some of his rivals’ proposals as “firefighter ideas”.

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