Sánchez presents his “reunion” with Catalan society on the verge of approving pardons to the leaders of the trial

Posted: Monday June 21 2021 7:04 AM

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presents this Monday, just a few hours before the planned approval of the pardons to the leaders of the trial, his agenda for the reunion with Catalan society.

It will be at the Gran Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona, ​​a stage where acts in favor of independence were previously performed, where Sánchez will give the conference “Reunion: a future project for Spain”, a message of reunion and coexistence with Catalan civil society.

La Moncloa invited some 300 institutional representatives from Catalonia and from sectors such as politics, business, trade unions, culture, academia, sport, media and civil associations. However, neither the government chaired by Pere Aragonès nor former presidents such as Quim Torra will attend the event, despite having been invited.

The government respects this decision, but it is considered that this would have been a good opportunity to continue the policy of gestures which it considers as a preamble to the resumption of dialogue.

The call to action in Barcelona continues to indicate that the decision on the nine pardons granted to pro-independence leaders is imminent. So much so that they indicate that it will be approved tomorrow in the Council of Ministers.

The director general requested this appearance to report on the latest European summits “and the political and economic situation” in the country.

Pardon already over

Government sources have informed Efe that “the work is mostly done” on each of the pardon files after they were completed last week by First Vice President Carmen Calvo and Justice Minister Juan Carlos Campo , who bore the brunt of this work.

The newspaper ‘El País’ publishes this Sunday that each of the files consists of about thirty pages, and with a studied legal argument, they focus on the explanation from the political point of view of the usefulness of pardons in overcoming the fracture that caused the process and facilitate coexistence.

They will also emphasize the social support available to pro-independence leaders and refer to gestures like the letter posted on LaSexta by ERC leader Oriol Junqueras, in which he admits that the unilateral path is not adequate.

The pardons will be partial (that is to say that the current prison sentence will be forgiven, even if the ban on holding public office remains) and reversible (they will be canceled if the person pardoned commits a punishable crime. three to five years in prison depending on each case).

If at Monday’s General Committee of State Secretaries and Under-Secretaries meeting additional time is deemed necessary to approve pardons, you could wait a week, until the 29th, the day before your appearance in Congress. .

There is another option (to which the government gives few possibilities) which would include this issue in the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers that Sánchez announced for Thursday, June 24, in order to give the green light to the decree that will eliminate the Outer Masks. compulsory from next weekend.

Division in the independence movement

Therefore, either this Tuesday or up to nine days from now, the government will have already communicated its decision, which will come after its determination to grant pardons received significant support over the past week.

It was explicitly expressed by the highest representatives of the Catalan business lobby of the Cercle d’Economía, the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, also endorsed it, although with subsequent reservations, and the bishops of the ten dioceses of Catalonia joined this trend in favor.

Certain positions that have led the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, to recall that it is parliamentarians who are responsible for addressing issues such as the configuration of the State and not the Episcopal Conference, employers or unions, and deplore attitudes “accomplices” with pardons.

From very different positions, Aragonés and the former President of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont, meeting in Belgium, warned that pardons are not “the solution to the Catalan political conflict” and insisted on calling for amnesty and self-determination. .

In the independence sphere, there have been voices who have described the act that Sánchez will perform in Barcelona on Monday as propaganda or an “opera staging” (as stated by the deputy general secretary of the ERC, Marta Vilalta).

An act in which he will detail certain aspects of his proposal to regain coexistence and harmony and will justify some pardons for which he has already asked society for understanding and magnanimity.

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