Sánchez, ready to appear every two months to carry out the state of alarm

The PSOE appears ready to accept Pedro Sánchez running for Congress every two months during the state of alert the ERC has raised. He asks that the president for explanations in plenary session and that the minister Salvador Illa do it once a month before the Health Commission of the Congress.

Likewise, the ERC proposes that, four months after the extension of the state of alert, the conference of regional presidents may ask the government to lift the state of alert, with the prior agreement of the Interterritorial Council of the System. national health system, and depending on its evolution. the coronavirus situation.

PSOE sources consulted by LaSexta confirm that they agree with the content of this amendment proposed by Esquerra.

Más País and Compromís and ERC, nomination partners of the government, presented amendments for Pedro Sánchez to appear every month and from the PP they confirmed to laSexta that they are in talks with the rest of the formations to force the president to submit to the maximum parliamentary scrutiny possible, although they do not clarify what they will vote on the extension.

The most popular do not budge from the position of demanding an eight week state of alarm and a legal “plan B” and, furthermore, they criticize the fact that Sánchez has not yet called Pablo Casado to address this issue. .

The PP wants 8 weeks and checks every 15 days

They have already registered in Congress a motion for a resolution so that the state of alert lasts until December 20, with parliamentary control in which Pedro Sánchez is responsible in the hemicycle every fortnight.

“During the last hours the PP has maintained contacts with political formations except Bildu to ensure parliamentary control. Due to pressure from the opposition, the government has been forced to rectify and say now that he would be ready to control two Extremely totally insufficient, as we put it together in our motion for a resolution, “and they argue that they do not rule out supporting the motions for resolutions of other political parties.

Citizens, for their part, are proposing an extension until February 9 and that Sánchez attend Congress to appear every month.

Más País and Compromís request monthly appearances

The More Countries and Compromise amendment asks the President to report to plenary “at least once a month”. They also ask him to do so “in a non-voting debate of the same format and the same duration as that of the request for an extension of the state of alarm”.

Asked at Al Rojo Vivo, Compromís spokesman Joan Baldoví said that although his party will vote in favor of the state of alarm, it is “essential” that “there is parliamentary control” .

“We understand that we can not be every two weeks with the controversy,” he influenced, alluding to the debates on the successive extensions that the government had to request during the first wave of the pandemic.

However, he ruled that, faced with a potential state of alert for several months, they do not understand “that the Prime Minister himself is not coming to explain it”. Thus, he defended as “reasonable” that Sánchez appears every month “at least”.

“Without voting, because we understand that this” political battle “that we have already seen in the months of April and May must be canceled every two weeks,” he added.

At EH Bildu, they are also in favor of parliamentary control every two months, as their spokesperson, Mertxe Aizpurua pointed out on Wednesday, who said that it was a “reasonable proposal”, although his training did not discuss this with the government.

More Country prefers monthly appearances, but will also support the ERC amendment

For his part, Más País frontman Íñigo Errejón declined to “make an offer” on whether Sánchez’s appearances should take place once a month or every two months. “We will vote in favor of our amendment and we will vote in favor of the other as well,” he said.

“We think it’s better if it’s a month,” added, however, in statements to the Congressional Patio press. “That it is ultimately not a month but that it ends up being two months? We will have succeeded in ensuring that there is parliamentary control of the state of alarm,” he said.

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