Sánchez says there is a “road map” to renew the monarchy in terms of “transparency and exemplarity”

Publication: Tuesday December 29 2020 18:31

The president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, affirms that there is “a road map” for the renewal of the monarchy “in terms of transparency and exemplary” of the institution.

This was highlighted in questions from the press on Tuesday, after taking stock of the first year of the coalition government. “Step by step, they will already learn how this roadmap indicated by King Felipe VI for the renewal of the Crown in terms of transparency and exemplarity materializes”, he declared.

For the chief executive, the monarch’s Christmas Eve speech – in which he did not refer directly to his father, but spoke of ethical principles “that bind us all” – “was without any doubt a courageous appearance “, in which the king” has clearly indicated the direction in which he wants to lead the Crown “.

According to Sánchez, throughout his reign, Felipe VI “showed with facts” his “vocation to walk towards a constitutional parliamentary monarchy updated to the standards of the values ​​and principles of 21st century Spain”.

A “renewal”, he said, “must be linked to transparency, accountability and setting an example”. “This is where King Felipe VI has been working since the start of his reign”, defended Sánchez, who indicated that the monarch will have the full support of his government “to continue this task of renewal”.

A law of the Crown?

The president, who declared that his government “respects and defends” the constitutional pact and the parliamentary monarchy, did not however say if he intended to promote a law of the Crown.

A possibility that the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, opened until Tuesday, which assured that “the government will have the support of the PP for any measure which strengthens the head of state”.

However, he urged the PSOE not to “do more balancing”: “Either you are with those who defend the monarchy and the Constitution, or you are with those who attack it,” he said.

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