Sánchez shows his interest in speaking with Aragonès but insists that “he will always ensure that the law is respected”


Updated: Friday, June 25, 2021 2:49 PM

Posted: 25.06.2021 14:48

Pedro Sánchez called once again to focus the dialogue on the question of independence in Catalonia. This is how the President of the Government spoke from Brussels just days after the Council of Ministers approved the granting of pardons to the prisoners of the trial and they, a few hours later, were released. Sánchez ha puesto en valor la reunión que mantendrá este martes a las 17:00 horas con el president de la Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, en el marco de la negociación entre ambos gobiernos, si bien ha recordado that el marco de desarrollo will be en todo momento the Constitution.

“With Father Aragonès, there is a lot to say, a lot to say; a lot of differences to settle. We all know his proclamations, and the Spanish democracy includes, respects all the ideas”, declared the head of the executive, who nevertheless qualified that this exchange of ideas will occur “within the framework of democratic legality”. If in doubt, he went back to his firm moments after this statement: “The Spanish government will always ensure compliance with the law, and from there we can talk.”

Thus, Sánchez assured that his team had “analyzed the demands which were in conformity with the constitutional agreement, the investments, the financing or the recognition of the reparations”. In this sense, he acknowledged that they already have in mind “a reunion agenda” that they are “willing to work with the Government of Catalonia”, although he wanted to emphasize that this is not currently the case. one of their highest priorities, because it is the pandemic and its end. “All territories are important for economic recovery,” he said.

The president did not want to ignore in his speech the latest criticisms he received from the leader of the opposition. Un día antes de la intervención de Sánchez desde la capital de la Unión Europea, el presidente del PP, Pablo Casado, no dudó en reunirse con los líderes de los estados miembro para trasladar su absoluto rechazo a las medidas de gracia otorgadas por el Gobierno de Coalición y para tratar de echar por tierra el discurso del dirente socialista: “Los españoles nos sentimos humillados al ver que a unos señores que se indulta them in contra del Tribunal Supremo y de la Fiscalía salen de la cárcel diciendo: ‘Lo vamos a volver to do'”.

We must build coexistence, unite our society. It’s time for forgiveness “

“Does Sánchez think that in Europe they accept that in a democracy they talk about amnesty?” Asked Casado, who stressed that “if a letter is given to the independence movement, it will be a problem for Italy and for France and for Europe. ” A few hours later, Sánchez openly disapproved of the opinions expressed by the president of the popular and underlined by his tone: “We politicians must build coexistence, unite our society”. Likewise, he affirmed that “in this construction there are times when what is useful is punishment and in others forgiveness”. “Now we are at the time of forgiveness,” he said.

In this order, he wanted to downplay the Casado meetings in Europe, declaring that “in the European Council there were no questions about pardons, which shows the respect of European colleagues for the Spanish government, which defends only its problems “. Sobre esos problemas, Sánchez ha pedido olvidar que esas nueve personas “han pasado 44 meses en prisión” y que “la propia sociedad ha planteado al Consejo de Ministros peticiones de gracia” que ellos, como miembros del Ejecutivo, están “obligados a sustanciar y reply”.

Tuesday: LGTBI bill

Sánchez also devoted a brief section of his speech to referencing the tense and controversial relationship the EU currently has with Hungary due to the law that prohibits the central European country from telling minors about homosexuality. in schools and the media. Europe currently maintains a common front against this norm, and some leaders have even called on the Hungarian country to leave the Union. “Hungarian law mixes things that have nothing to do with it, limits information, and the Spanish government has led this blame initiative because we are committed to diversity and minorities,” Sánchez said.

However, he acknowledged that it seems “dangerous to identify governments with corporations” when it comes to human rights issues like this: “There are a lot of people in Hungary who stand up for the values ​​that I defended respect and tolerance. a gulf, and the same is true in most Member States. In any case, the President of the Government wanted to take advantage of this speech to announce that next Tuesday, June 29, an LGTBI bill will be presented to the Council of Ministers.

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