Sánchez speaks of a “big milestone” and Casado accuses him of “dividing”

This is how the Prime Minister decided to begin his speech today in Congress. A justification of the merits of the Second Republic, on a day which marks the 90th anniversary of its proclamation.

Thus, Pedro Sánchez placed the Second Republic among the three milestones that made Spain “a great country”, with the day when the Constitution was approved and the EU accession treaty was signed.

“This ambitious project aimed at the modernization of the State and of society, the consolidation of peace, the defeat of the dictatorship and the highlighting of the value of democracy”, assured the president about the republican regime of 1931. His words that they received the ovation from the left parties of the House.

Groom critic

A few words that did not please the leader of the PP. In his response, Pablo Casado indicated that the PP does not celebrate the dates which “divided the Spaniards”. “He’s still trying to divide, we’re not going to do that,” he proclaimed. After calling Sánchez the “worst” president of Spanish democracy, he warned that the PP will not allow a socialist government “again” to “ruin the future of Spain”.

“It will be the president who ruins the possibility of a recovery. Fortunately, we will soon come to fix it ourselves,” he said.

Three dates that make Spain “a great country”

In the opinion of President Sánchez, there are “three dates thanks to which Spain is a great country” and which they “have an indissoluble bond”. In addition to April 14, 1931, the Chief Executive cited December 6, 1978, when the Constitution was voted by referendum, and June 12, 1985, when Spain signed the Treaty of Accession to the European Economic Community .

“Three leaps forward in modernization, progress and equality for the Spaniards, although the first was frustrated by the coup d’état of 1936”, commented Sánchez. Nine decades later, the Prime Minister declared that “the pendulums are turning” and that “it will be the value of democracy, the strength of the Constitution and the European project that will once again prevail in the face of hatred and confrontation”.

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