Sánchez urges the PP to sit down “now” to renew the CGPJ “if it is a constitutionalist party”

Posted: Tuesday, December 29, 2020 4:20 PM

“The PP must already sit with the government.” This is the message that Pedro Sánchez sent this Tuesday to the main opposition party to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), while he accuses him of qualifying the executive as “a kind of scarecrow that does not never happens “.

This was expressed after taking stock of the first year of the coalition government, in an appearance in which he regretted that unity in the face of the pandemic had been “entirely impossible between political parties” and not come to an agreement with the PP, assuring that he would like “this dynamic to be broken next year”.

Asked about the negotiations with the popular to renew the governing body of judges, Sánchez affirmed that “to strengthen our institutions is to renew them and to respect the constitutional mandates” and launched a reproach to Pablo Casado: “I was waiting for the President of the PP two years for the CPGJ to be renewed, ”he said.

“I hear the PP giving supposed lessons in constitutionalism, but it is true that the Constitution defends it in the morning and in the evening it does not comply”, added the socialist leader, who ruled that “if you are a constitutionalist, you are a constitutional expert. pa “.

“The PP must now sit with the government to renew an organ as fundamental as the governing body of judges and comply with the Constitution, and the Constitution says that every five years the CGPJ must be renewed”, he said. insisted.

“He must do it, badly despite Mr. Casado and the PP. He must sit down with the government and comply with the Constitution if, as they say, it is a constitutionalist party,” he concluded.

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