Sánchez uses pandemic comparison to claim that budgets “are the vaccine against unemployment, injustice and inequality”

Publication: Saturday November 28 2020 17:30

Pedro Sánchez assured that we are approaching the third and final stage of the pandemic. However, he warned that the next few months will be decisive: “Experts predict that we will see a critical stage in the pandemic coinciding with the first massive vaccines.” This is how the chief executive at the headquarters of the PSOE said.

This is why he asked for caution, while considering that budgets are the best vaccine against the virus of injustice, unemployment and inequalities: “The vaccine is to the health crisis what the general budgets of the State are in the economic and social crisis resulting from this health emergency “.

In this way, he indicated that it was time to reach out to all political parties that “want to support the necessary accounts”; support that ultimately did not receive training such as Ciudadanos, which assured that “the government preferred to satisfy Otegi and Junqueras rather than satisfy the SMEs of our country”, as declared by its president, Inés Arrimadas.

During his speech, Sánchez also took the opportunity to defend the new law on education; LOMLOE, already popularly known as “Ley Celaá”, which sparked much political controversy after it came to prominence. “There is a lot of noise around this government’s educational project, but because it limits privileges, eliminates vetoes and gives public education the leading role it should never have lost.”

His comments have already received a response from the chairman of the opposition party, Pablo Casado. “It’s not going to go well,” said the leader of the People’s Party, who said the left believes it has moral superiority in matters of culture. “The leading ideologues make it very clear that education is the way future formations can be shaped. That is why they always place people with a marked partisan and political leanings at the head of the education ministry.”

Apart from these controversies, Sánchez wanted to defend his management of the pandemic in a “tortuous” 2020, leaving in the air the following reflection: “We will never know what would have happened if this calamity had occurred with another government “. And in this sense, he claimed that the coalition government had made very difficult decisions in record time.

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