Sánchez will not meet Iglesias this week despite tensions within the coalition

Can Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias get the coalition government back? No one believes he will crumble, but tensions between PSOE and United We Can in recent days have sparked mutual mistrust that is difficult to recover; this is what Moncloa’s sources say to LaSexta.

Despite this, they maintain that no meeting is scheduled this week between the president and the vice-president of the government. At the PSOE, they took for granted that this would have already happened: “We must redirect this”, they stress, although they believe that the damage is already done. At Unidos Podemos, according to José Enrique Monrosi, they were also expecting a meeting these days.

However, the only thing that seems certain is that the two will see each other on Tuesday at the Council of Ministers meeting: “I don’t know when they spoke last time, but we see you every Tuesday,” said the Organizing Secretary of the PSOE.

Never like this week has the rope been so tight. There have been internal debates and disseminated in the media such as the march of the King Emeritus of Spain, the increase in the electricity bill or the minimum interprofessional wage, not to mention pensions, expulsions or the situation of Catalan politicians. in prison.

The last episode was the violence during the demonstrations against the imprisonment of Pablo Hasél. In Podemos, they did not condemn him while Pedro Sánchez resounded when it came to condemning the riots. He said it was “unacceptable in a full democracy”.

The “ democratic normality ” and the Zerolo law

It is this expression, that of “democratic normality”, which also raised differences between the PSOE and United We Can. Pablo Iglesias believes that “there is no situation of full political and democratic normalcy” in our country due to the situation of political trials in prison, to which several socialist ministers and the president himself have responded.

Its clearest division came with the vote on the Zerolo law. The law on equal treatment led United We Can to qualify the PSOE as “unjust” in full Congress of Deputies for having introduced this measure “unilaterally”. LaSexta was able to learn more about the monumental anger that reigns in the Violet formation on this issue, which believes that its government partner is trying to make the Ministry of Equality, led by Irene Montero, powerless.

What led to this discomfort? United We can abstain from voting and try to convince other government partners to abstain as well, considering that the “red lines” have been crossed. De la Moncloa, they are aware that this law will raise “a lot of tension in the coalition”, as they acknowledged at LaSexta.

From the PSOE they make it clear that it “cannot continue like this”. Socialist ministers consulted by LaSexta believe that Sánchez should make a gesture of authority to normalize this situation, since they feel “as if they are at the top of a powder keg”.

“We cannot continue like this,” socialist ministers told LaSexta.

Of course, despite these clear, obvious and more than ever public tensions, “it is not on the road map” of the Prime Minister to break the PSOE-United coalition we can. It’s a scenario they were expecting a little over a year from now, not now, when they’ve only been in partnership for a year.

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