Sánchez’s recovery plan offers a payment system for the use of high-capacity roads

Publication: Thursday, April 15, 2021 6:15 PM

The recovery plan that the government will send to Brussels to access the 140,000 million in the recovery fund has also focused on the country’s highways and highways. More precisely, in formulas to finance them. According to the document that Sánchez defended in Congress on Wednesday, the executive believes that it is necessary to “develop a payment system for the use of the high-capacity road network” in Spain.

A system with which they hope to “cover the costs of maintenance and integrate the negative externalities of road transport as occurs in other infrastructures”. In this way, the government’s intentions are to review “the financing of high-capacity roads” and to put in place a “revenue system guaranteeing the funds necessary for the conservation of the national road network”, which now has significant debts.

This is indicated in the sustainability of public finances section of the stimulus plan; section where the government proposes to the European Commission the approval of a “law on mobility and transport financing which will regulate, among other things, the taxation and financing of transport”. Although the document details how this payment system could be implemented, it is a question that has arisen for years in the portfolio now managed by José Luis Ábalos.

Precisely, at the end of 2020, the Minister has already suggested the possibility of setting up tolls on these roads with the idea of ​​raising funds to finance and preserve them. However, faced with the already expressed rejection of the road transport sector, which makes forced use of it on a daily basis to carry out the various tasks, the head of transport, mobility and the urban agenda proposed an alternative: that everyone does not pay for traffic on these roads. .

“For those who have no other choice, like those who go to work, you do not have to tax them, but for others, the circulation on these roads makes them more competitive in their activity, since they benefit from the level of infrastructure “, he argued Open them to expose the possibility of using this tool”, also stressing that “it is not fair to have toll territories and others free “In our country. All with the objective, according to the Minister, of” recognizing the differences of people, their needs and their different motivations “and thus giving” everyone the opportunity to act on an equal footing ” .

So, according to what was explained very briefly in Sánchez’s stimulus plan and the approach made by Ábalos in November of the previous year, we might already have the first clues as to how the government plans to steer this payment system for highways. when it is unknown when and how it will develop.

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