Sanctions on Russia: EU gears up to worsen Russia’s unrest and will announce new sanctions soon – EU foreign policy chief to propose new sanctions against Russia

European Union foreign policy chief Joseph Burrell said on Tuesday he would propose further action, including the use of new sanctions against Russia following the imprisonment of the chief of Russian opposition Alexey Navalny. He said he would chair the Union’s foreign ministers meeting on February 22, and during that time he would make this proposal.

European countries are tough on Russia
The countries of the European Union take different positions towards Russia, and so far no member country has called for such measures. He told policy makers in the European Union that member countries would decide on the next step, but that could include restrictions. However, Borel did not develop the proposal.

Rising tension during Navalny’s arrest
Navalny, a fervent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was arrested on January 17 upon his return from Germany. Navalny received nerve poison, after which he was treated in Germany for five months. Navalny blamed the Kremlin for this poisoning.

However, Russian officials have denied the accusation. The European Union has imposed sanctions on those responsible for the Navalny poisoning, but Navalni has called for a travel ban and the confiscation of the property of several of Putin’s closest people.

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