Santander and Fundacin Integra join forces to reintegrate women into the labor market

Santander and Fundacin Integra join forces to reintegrate women into the labor market

Banco Santander and Fundacin Integra are launching the fifth edition of the “ From Woman to Woman ” program, a solidarity mentoring initiative in which fifteen financial institution professionals will accompany fifteen women victims of gender violence for six months to help them with their integration into the labor market.

For Mnica Torres, director of cultural engagement and human resources at Banco Santander, said that it is “important that women who go through situations like this know that they are not alone, that there are many people and companies that support them and we want to empower them; Let them look inside them, because they have the strength to move forward; At Santander we work with Fundacin Integra to enable them to rebuild their life. ”

In this way, the mentors will be professional references for these abused women, and will work with them on their short-term goals, to improve their employability and guide them in their job search.

Ana Muoz de Dios, Managing Director of Fundacin Integra, said that “the work of these mentors is vital for their recovery, they help them with their motivation and their self-esteem, so shattered by the difficult situations they have had to go through. . Thanks to the support of Banco Santander and the mentors who accompany them, these women can face their path to the labor market with more security and obtain the necessary tools to be free and start a new life. ”

Participants selected by the Integra Foundation, will carry out different individual sessions with their mentors, and participate in group activities including workshops, role-playing dynamics and job interview simulations, among other actions. Along with the mentoring process, a personalized integration itinerary has been designed for these women which includes counseling, intermediation, follow-up and training at the Fundacin Integra strengthening school, a program with which they will work on their strength, their skills and personal knowledge. It was all about finding a job that would allow them to start a new life away from violence against women.

For Jessica, one of the participants of the fourth edition of ‘From Woman to Woman’ ” when you start this project there is neither present nor future, you are not living in the past either, you are in limbo. Visiting the Santander facilities, sharing his time and experience with banking professionals, meeting my mentor … was the driving force that set me in motion. I don’t want to be a victim, I want to be the protagonist of my life. Now, I have a future and that is to fully live my present. ”

Fifteen Santander employees will play their role of mentors who will receive, in collaboration with Fundacin Humaniza, a training session to deepen the reality of gender violence and the concepts and techniques of mentoring as a tool for personal and professional development.

Since 2017, Banco Santander has participated with Fundacin Integra in the “ From Woman to Woman ” program which has helped 47 women regain their economic independence. In addition, the program has an average placement of 80% in its various editions. With the support of companies like Santander, Fundacin Integra has secured more than 16,000 jobs for people in vulnerable situations who, thanks to their jobs, have started a new life.

In this context, Banco Santander is also part of the Business Agreement, which it signed with the Spanish Government’s Equality Ministry in 2018 for a society without gender violence. The objective is to promote the involvement of companies in the achievement of a society free from violence against women and, consequently, in the promotion of equality between women and men. Currently, 129 public and private entities belonging to various sectors of the Spanish economy are part of this initiative.

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