Santander help ?? grants 100,000 euros to disability, health and aging projects

Santander help ?? grants 100,000 euros to disability, health and aging projects

Banco Santander and its Foundation have allocated more than 2 million euros over five years to improve the quality of life of vulnerable groups in the local communities where the entity is present, through the “Santander Help” program, and its 21st edition , focused on disability, health and aging.

On this occasion, the Foundation received more than 450 applications from organizations from all over Spain wishing to benefit from the support of the program. The winners receive a scholarship of 5,000 euros which, in the midst of this crisis, is essential for the development of their programs and the maintenance of their work in favor of the most vulnerable groups.

To date, Santander Ayuda has supported 440 projects that have improved the quality of life of people in vulnerable situations:

178 projects to help people with disabilities 147 projects to fight poverty and social exclusion 76 projects to promote autonomy for the elderly. 38 projects to improve the quality of life of seriously ill people.

For Magdalena Berenguer, coordinator of the NGO Activate Coopera project, “thanks to this aid, we will be able to give continuity to the program for the promotion of active aging of the elderly in rural areas of La Rioja, with the aim of helping them to resume contact. and interaction with other people, which greatly enhances their self-esteem ”. The Activate program fights against the unwanted loneliness of the elderly and against their lack of physical activity and mental stimulation.

For her part, Elisa Torres Andrés, director of the APCA, in Alicante, indicated that thanks to the assistance received, this association will be able to give continuity to its Awakening of the senses project, “a therapeutic and rehabilitation program, where the horse becomes a working tool as an element of integration, rehabilitation and re-education to positively contribute to the physical, mental and social development of people with cerebral palsy and associated disabilities. ”The beneficiaries have a disability rate of over 85% and therapy helps them change their daily lives.

Aspace Navarra, another of the beneficiary organizations, has for main mission to support people with cerebral palsy in their life course. One of the stages of this journey is undoubtedly professional life, to which the entity responds through services such as the Labor Center, the Special Employment Center and the Reception and Guidance Service. professional. Rafael Olleta Ruiz, Managing Director of Espace Navarra talks about the project:

“The Biointegra factory, located in Roncesvalles, is one of the flagship projects of this route. With INTIA, we engage in the production and processing of organic dairy products from cow’s milk, promoting the employment of people with disabilities in rural areas. With the collaboration of the Fundación Santander, we have created a space called the Biointegra Disclosure and Training Class, where it is the people with disabilities who work at the factory who make the project known first-hand to professionals and the public. “

Fátima Dolarea Romero, president of the Fundación Capacis, explains On Wheels Towards Inclusion, a very innovative project, which consists in “challenging the existing structures and models, because it breaks with the stereotype that people have about the ability that they have. intellectual disability to be able to drive. “

Santander Ayuda, which seeks to help associations like these continue their work for society, organizes four calls a year. In each of them, the program selects 20 projects which, in total, receive 400,000 euros. Santander Ayuda has contributed € 2.2 million to the start-up of 440 projects that have improved the quality of life of more than 260,000 people in vulnerable situations.

The objectives of these projects must be to fight against poverty and social exclusion, to promote the personal autonomy of the elderly, to integrate people with disabilities and to improve the quality of life of people with serious illnesses. Due to the current situation, projects aimed at mitigating the effects of the Covid-19 crisis on vulnerable groups will be a priority.

The next “Handicap, Health and Aging” call will be open from September 13 to October 8, 2021. Interested entities can access the application form on the Foundation’s website.

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