Santander strengthens female leadership of the future

Banco Santander, through the Universities of Santander and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), launches the second edition of the Santander Women Scholarships | Emerging Leaders – LSE, to provide high-level training to women with 5 to 12 years of professional experience who aspire to leadership positions in any sector. All must have a fluent level of English, equivalent to C1 or higher, and be nationals or residents of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Poland , Uruguay, Peru, United Kingdom and United Kingdom. United States.

The 7-week program aims to develop the potential of new generations of women leaders by equipping them with the training, tools and negotiation skills to be more influential, persuasive and impactful in the leadership positions they will reach at the to come up. This initiative is aligned with Banco Santander’s firm commitment to gender equality in all countries where it operates, to promote, empower and promote female talent with the aim of achieving effective equality; a commitment that places the entity among the 10 most advanced companies in the world in this area according to the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index 2021.

Santander, which also adheres to the United Nations Principles for the Empowerment of Women, has a 40% presence of women on its board of directors, well above that of large listed companies in Spain and Europe, and has proposed to reach 30% women. in senior management positions by 2025.

The program, open to 125 women, is taught by the London School of Economics and Political Science, one of the most prestigious international universities in the world and particularly at the forefront in the fields of innovation and leadership. Participants will receive training, online and in English, for the development of negotiation skills, on essential concepts for the leaders of the future, such as the strategies, principles and new trends of negotiation or the different tactics and processes. negotiation, more advanced and efficient. . In this way, they will learn to analyze and execute a negotiation effectively through proven techniques, explore conflict resolution strategies and develop their communication skills.

“Banco Santander is recognized for its commitment to diversity and wishes to contribute to a future in which the presence of women in management positions and on boards of directors is equal, and for this we must bet today on the training of new generations. This is why we are very proud of this program and of working hand in hand with the London School of Economics and Political Science, ”said Javier Rogl, Global Director of Universities of Santander.

For his part, Connson Locke, Professor of Management and Academic Director of W50 at LSE, points out that “we are delighted to offer the Santander Women | Emerging Leaders – LSE in collaboration with the universities of Santander. This is a unique opportunity to support the next generation of women leaders through the development of their skills in basic skills such as negotiation and communication. We believe that the practical skills, strategies and tools acquired during this training will benefit participants over the next few years in their leadership journey. “

These scholarships also provide the unique opportunity to share experiences with 125 women from different geographic and professional backgrounds, in similar work situations, which helps promote networking, a value of enormous relevance upon completion of the program. .

The course will start on October 6 and those interested will be able to consult all the requirements and formalize their request, via the site, until June 16.

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