Santé negotiates new document on nightlife restrictions with communities

Posted: Monday June 07, 2021 10:51 PM

The Ministry of Health has already created a new document on the restrictions imposed on hotels and nightlife after the very protective measures that the National Court applied in the Community of Madrid for the appeal presented by the regional government against the approved measures during the last Interterritorial Council. .

This was confirmed by sources from the Autonomous Communities at LaSexta. As they argue, Minister Carolina Darias sent a document containing new measures. For their part, other regions are confirming “contacts with the ministry” on this subject.

The negotiation between the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities takes place after last Wednesday the update of the coordinated response actions for the control of the transmission of COVID-19 was approved without the unanimity of the Autonomous Communities, and the same day that the Justice paralyzed its demand in Madrid after the Ayuso government’s appeal.

Health, on the other hand, affirms “to seek meeting places to achieve that the incidence decreases”; a spirit of “concluding agreements”, he specified, which they share with most of the autonomous communities. “The ministry seeks consensus and tries to avoid judicialization of the process; it would be a shame if it depends on the judicial authorities because we have not found sufficient alternatives, ”insisted the director of the Center for the coordination of health alerts and emergencies, Fernando Simón, after hearing the resolution of the National Court.

Controversy in communities

Several communities were opposed from the outset to the document approved by Health and approved at the last Council of Ministers. Specifically, there were six that reflected their disagreement with the votes against: Madrid, Galicia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Murcia. To them is added the Basque Country, which refused to vote.

It is precisely the latter who decided to maintain its own restrictions, which for the moment do not contradict those dictated in the BOE. Andalusia, for its part, rejects the document released by the government with the restrictive measures, because in areas of alert level 3 or high, for example, the nightlife could not be open.

The Community of Madrid has already announced that it will appeal the ministerial decree, while Castilla y León has expressed its willingness to appeal the health decision. Meanwhile, Galicia advocates delaying its application.

Given the rebellion in these territories, Carolina Darias stressed that this was a mandatory measure and reminded communities that they must respect it. Now, the courts have granted the Community of Madrid very protective measures after its recourse to the application of the document.

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