Santé proposes to the CCAA to lift the compulsory use of the mask on the beach, on the field and in the swimming pool

Health corrects its proposition. The ministry led by Carolina Darias drew up a controversial new draft rule published in the BOE just a week ago, which established the mask as mandatory in outdoor spaces.

In this way, the new plan considers certain cases in which this object is not obligatory on the beach, on the ground or in the swimming pool, such as “the moment of rest”, provided that there is at least 1, 5 meter interpersonal distance with other groups of people “not living together or not assimilated”. Even so, the project, to which laSexta had access, argues that when walking it will be necessary to use it.

Concretely, this new text, which will be debated during the meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council on Wednesday, intends to modify article 6.2 of the law on the prevention of coronaviruses, which has its origin in the establishment of the first state of health. ‘alert and that in its last modification, it established the mask as mandatory in all cases.

Activities “compatible and incompatible” with the use of the mask

In the text, the proposal emphasizes that there are certain cases in which the use of the mask will continue to be necessary, as was the case before the last modification. This way, it will not be necessary to use this protection when you are resting on beaches, rivers or in similar environments. The same applies to swimming pools, although in indoor swimming pools or in the event that it is carried out on board boats, the rest period will be included only as strictly necessary between the activity intervals.

However, there are also other cases in which the use of the mask is considered “incompatible”. For example, during first aid or rescue activities when they need to access an aquatic environment, or when they are going to eat or drink, in places where this is permitted.

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