Santillana introduces changes in his presidency

The PRISA Board of Directors approved, at its meeting today, the succession to the Presidency of Santillana. Francisco Cuadrado, on the proposal of the Appointments, Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee, relieves Manuel Mirat, who also resigned from the Board of Directors of PRISA for professional reasons. Cuadrado has been appointed new executive chairman of Santillana and executive director of PRISA

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 p.m. – August 01, 2021

With more than 24 years of professional career at PRISA, the outgoing President Manuel Mirat has covered all areas of the Group from finance, digital, operations and management, until becoming the Group’s chief executive in 2017. He has was Chief Executive Officer of the Group. Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Managing Director (CEO) of the Digital space, Managing Director of Operations (COO) of Sogecable, Managing Director of Canal +, Managing Director (CEO) of El PAS and PRISA Noticias and Managing Director (CEO ) of the group.

During the last four years as CEO of PRISA, Mirat has played a decisive role in the growth and digital development of the Group, notably through subscription models; in the operational and commercial improvement of the company, as well as in the processes of reorganization, divestment and financial restructuring undertaken in recent years. The advances and the launch of the digital subscription models of Santillana and EL PAS, the two capital increases, the refinancing agreements, the drastic debt reduction and the sales of Santillana Espaa and Media Capital, decisions that have improved , were particularly noteworthy during this period. the flexibility and financial soundness of PRISA and laid the foundations for the separation of Education and Media activities.

Manuel Mirat explains that ‚Äúthese last years as CEO have been very intense and rewarding because, thanks to everyone’s efforts, we have rescued and established the Group and we have laid the foundations for a more than hopeful future. This step finished, I consider it time to take up new professional challenges, wishing PRISA the greatest success, which will always be my home. ”

The new top manager, Francisco Cuadrado, has more than 30 years of experience in the field of education, particularly in project management in Latin America. He developed his professional career at Grupo PRISA, where he held various positions of responsibility. Since 2010 he has been responsible for the Global Directorate for Education, decisively promoting engagement in the digital sector, which is already the main source of income for Santillana. Previously, he was Global Director of the Commerce Division, General Manager in Colombia and Deputy Director of Santillana in Mexico.

For Cuadrado, “ we are living at a key moment, where digital transformation is changing everything and where education is playing a decisive role more than ever. At Santillana, we are leading this transformation and supporting teachers and schools. For me, it is a pride and a total responsibility to lead the education division of Grupo PRISA and to take the testimony of Manuel Mirat and Miguel ngel Cayuela to continue to make Santillana the leading educational group in the Latin American world. ‘ ‘

The Board of Directors thanked Manuel Mirat for the dedication, commitment and results achieved during the years he was linked to PRISA and welcomed Francisco Cuadrado to his new role.

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