SAP SUCCESSFACTORS enhances the skills of companies

The SUCCESSFACTORS software allows small, medium and large companies to directly manage human capital. This is an SAP for the industry so that customers can perform the corresponding administrative tasks. SUCCESSFACTORS was acquired by SAP in 2012 and is today the leader in cloud-based human talent.

Every business has the ability to share data, applications and information, as well as mobilize and consume resources from an organized structure. The main objective of SUCCESFACTORS is to improve the functionalities of companies with regard to present and future planning. It is governed by legal regulations that allow the overall management of each employee, using unified and appropriate business strategies. This system promotes solutions guaranteeing good digital development within the HR department.


Any type of business can benefit from the functions of SUCCESSFACTORS. The aim is for HR departments to store, manage, process and use all the necessary and available information on companies and their employees. Thanks to the cloud, electronic devices and digital platforms, business performance is increased through exclusive operations.

SUCCESSFACTORS connects daily with customers and employees to develop optimized strategies, benefits and goals. It guarantees the overall performance of companies and shows powerful results. This SAP enables the human resources department to execute short and long term business planning. In this way, they can solve the needs and demands of the market with assertive and timely decisions.


Because of the effective solutions it offers to large, medium, small and small businesses, SAP is a leader in human talent. It relies on a productive team that oversees the development of the HR departments of all companies. Also, it promotes an adequate development of the tasks and tools of these services. As they perform their corresponding functions from a comprehensive and advanced system.

SAP SUCCESSFACTORS is responsible for generating future potential in each of the national and international companies. Work from a modern approach, creating a developed workspace with the reach of cutting edge technology. The best thing about SUCCESSFACTORS is that it has software available in 40 different languages, for which it enjoys high worldwide recognition.

It establishes a unique and innovative system with great technological development that allows users and customers to express their opinions. By disseminating their experiences, the SAP SUCCESSFACTOS team ensures direct communication with the public. It is a smart SAP that takes into account new and future updates on a quarterly basis that meet business needs.

In addition, he maintains a close relationship with employees, which increases commitment to work in the company and improves human performance. For the HR department, SAP encourages better planning in the business environment which strengthens decision making, solutions and forecasting.

The ideal HR system for companies

Software like SUCCESSFACOTRS is aimed at large, medium, small and small businesses (with less than 500 employees) who need assertive functionality. It is the ideal system to deal with digitization and human resource optimization, providing an affordable and straightforward solution for any business.

With SAP SUCCESSFACTORS, businesses have access to the SUCCESSFACTORS RRHH COURSE at affordable prices. He has an original certification to develop an efficient and optimal digital career in the HR sector.

The SUCCESSFACTORS RRHH COURSE belongs to a system of 10 modules and 10 functions. It takes into account the needs that companies must meet and allows them to decide which module they need in order to be able to hire the one they are going to use. It all depends on the size of the company and its requirements to assert more depth, breadth and functionality of the software.

What does the SAP SUCCESSFACTORS course offer?

Through the SAP HR SUCCESSFACTORS COURSE, a set of 10 modules is presented, referenced to the Bizx Suite, with different characteristics. The modules and respective functions of the SUCCESSFACTORS software are described below:

Employee Central: stores employee information and facilitates administrative management. Recruitment: Find and select the right staff based on a specific assessment. Onboarding – Onboard new hires quickly and efficiently. Learning: it has training content for employees. Performance & Goals: Helps employees give each other feedback and track their performance. Compensation: monitors employee performance and records targets achieved. Succession and Development – Discover individual human talents and target the best employees. Workforce Analysis – Define and analyze the workforce to set goals. Workforce planning: plan, project and forecast the workforce of the company. SAP JAM – Organize and improve employee relations.

With the approval of the SAP SSFF HR COURSE, companies can gain official certification that accredits them on professional and secure knowledge of SAP. It is recommended that the company select the module according to its scope and level of activity. In this way, the increase in costs and unnecessary functionalities in the company are avoided.

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