sarah everard london: protests in london against the kidnapping and murder of sarah everard: boil over the kidnapping and murder of a woman in london

Thousands of people are on the streets of London. Even the restrictions on the corona virus don’t stop them. These people took to the streets in memory of Sarah Everard who was murdered last week. Since this incident, there is resentment in the country, the discussion on the safety of women at the international level has intensified. Sara, 33, was in charge of marketing. She was walking home from a friend’s house in Clapham, London on March 3. The most shocking thing about this case is that the accused in the kidnapping and murder of Saira is a police officer.

The crowds took to the streets

There was a huge crowd at Clapham Common on Saturday. These people not only asked for justice for Saira and remembered him, but also fought for the need to make the roads safe. However, the memory meeting was first allowed by the police to relax, and then slowly people were asked to leave. This led to tensions and there were clashes between police and protesters in many places. The situation even worsened when police were seen dragging and arresting the demonstrators. In many parts of the country earlier marches had to be held, but due to Corona Vigil was planned from house to house.

‘Police misconduct’

Anger at the police action too

On the police action, Labor MP Saira Owen tweeted: ‘It’s heartbreaking and crazy to watch. You can’t see that and think it’s anything other than bad behavior on the part of the police. It should have been very different and it could have happened. According to reports, the path taken by Saira is very crowded and light and a large number of women leave from here. There has also been fear and anger among women in the area since the incident. They are more alert and upset than before. Jenny Jones, Baroness Moorsecomb of the Lord’s Parliament Upper Chamber, told Sky News: ‘When the police ask women to stay at home, we don’t react. We think this is normal.

Police officer arrested

Police officer Wayne Cousens, accused of Saira’s murder, was presented to Westminster courthouse on Saturday. Chief Magistrate Paul Goldspring sent Cajuns into custody to appear before the Old Bailey on Tuesday. Saira’s body was found in a builder’s bag in the wooded area of ​​Ashford, Kent on Wednesday. The carcass was identified on the basis of dental records. After the incident, there was a ruckus in Britain and women started sharing experiences of man-made violence on social media. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has expressed sorrow over the incident.

Kate Middleton was also the first to pay tribute –

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